Twitter Explodes As Musk’s Poll Tops 12 Million, Favoring Trump’s Return


Trump’s former president may be in the doghouse on Twitter, as he is leading the Chief Twit’s survey on whether Trump should be reinstated.

Over 12 million people chimed in on Saturday afternoon to support Trump’s return, with roughly 52.3% backing it and 47.7% supporting him. There are still seven hours for voting. After stating that Trump had been suspended, Elon Musk, Twitter CEO, tweeted the poll. Many of Twitter’s most famous users were divided by the move.

“Vox Populi Vox Dei,” was the tweet of the billionaire tycoon. He used the Latin phrase “The voice of the people IS the voice of God” to describe the message.

Musk wrote later that it was “fascinating” to see the Trump poll on Twitter.

Trump was permanently removed from the platform following the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot and similarly banned from Facebook. While Trump’s critics were quick to point out the dangers of uncaging his Twitter account, Musk’s indecisiveness was a source of anger or giddy support.

“Idk man. Last time he was there this platform was used incite an insurrection. Multiple people died, the Vice President and President of the United States were nearly assassinated, hundreds were injured, but that’s not enough to answer the question. It is, according to a Twitter poll,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

“Elon Musk is conducting a poll to see if Trump will return to Twitter before he fixes the bot/automation issue he claimed to have on Twitter. It makes sense that he would do it before fixing the problem he claimed to have.” Adam Parkhomenko, Democratic strategist, tweeted.

Others believed that Trump’s ban on the social media platform was inconsistent with the way the site treats accounts of other political officials.

“Permanent bans are not something I like at all. His ban on Donald Trump is not only inconsistent with how other political figures are treated in the United States, but also around the globe. There are authoritarian regimes that have active Twitter accounts. Former Rep. Justin Amash tweeted, “Create a clear standard, and follow it.” Amash is a House candidate.

Musk stated earlier this year that he would “reverse the ban on Trump’s account” when he claimed to be a “free speech absolutist”.

Musk stated earlier this year that he would reverse the ban permanent, according to CNBC. “I don’t have Twitter yet. This isn’t something that will happen. What if I don’t have Twitter?

Musk has not shown any signs of weakness since taking over the reigns of the social media giant. Musk revealed plans to create a content moderation council last month and stated that it will not make major content decisions nor reinstate accounts.

After releasing the Babylon Bee, Jordan Peterson and Kathy Griffin from Twitter prison, the space- and electric car guru posted Friday’s poll. When asked about the possibility of restoring Alex Jones’s account, he said “No” to a user.

Trump, who was once one of Twitter’s most prolific users has stated that he will not return to the platform even if allowed. He has instead turned to Truth Social, his own social media platform. His 2024 campaign was launched Tuesday.

The $44 billion Musk takeover of Twitter has caused turmoil for Twitter. He demands that his employees be “hardcore” and leads the company through massive layoffs. Many users speculated that the platform might soon be abandoned amid a mass exodus.