Twitter Suspended A Medical Doctor For Citing COVID Data. He Says There’s More To The Story


Internal documents reveal that Twitter’s Site Integrity Team had found that Dr. Andrew Bostom was inadvertently suspended from the platform. He cited self-reported data that had been compiled by health officials. Bostom said that he did not receive any communication from Twitter, despite several appeals. He also stated that he believed that his five-month suspension, which was reinstated on Christmas, may have been politically motivated.

According to documents internal to Free Press journalist David Zweig, five strikes were issued against the account of a Brown University professor for misinformation. This led to his suspension. However, an integrity team audit determined that four strikes had been improperly applied. Bostom stated that he didn’t know why his account was suspended and that he hadn’t been notified about the four appeals against his suspension. This even though Elon Musk had acquired the social media platform.

Bostom said that he appealed twice while this was going on… He was suspended for “summarizing” data published by the CDC and scientific journals. His lawyer sent him a Twitter “stern letter” about the suspension. It was temporarily lifted but they then suspended me again “two weeks later.”

Zweig reported that Bostom saw one of his tweets flagged by both bots and humans. Bostom was then compelled to question why anyone was looking at his account.

Bostom said, “I wish we could gain an insight into this so-called proces, I mean who are these people?” Later, he wondered if “the bot does its job, but who told human to intervene?”

The strike against the same tweet was upheld by Twitter’s Site Integrity Team. However, they internally announced that they would lift the suspension and ordered that any further action against him must be approved by Site Integrity Team, according to Zweig. Bostom informed the DCNF that the suspension had not been lifted and that the strike against the DCNF was still valid.

In the tweet, it was claimed that COVID-19 was safer than flu for children but that the COVID-19 vaccine was much more dangerous for adults.

Bostom cited a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study that found COVID-19 didn’t significantly contribute to 64 deaths in the 2020 flu season. This was despite the fact that COVID-19 had been diagnosed in 182 children. Bostom also noted that in 2019-20 flu season (the most recent season measured by CDC), over 480 children died from flu-related complications. This is a far greater number than the 1,161 deaths in 2012 and 2012.

The COVID-19 vaccine is far more dangerous than the flu vaccine for children, he said.

A VAERS disclaimer states that anyone can submit reports to this system, even healthcare providers and vaccine manufacturers. While VAERS reports are very important for monitoring vaccine safety, they cannot be used alone to determine if a vaccine contributed to an adverse event.

Bostom believes that while there was no direct directive from Twitter or the government to investigate his account, Bostom’s questioning of public officials regarding their health may have raised eyebrows. Bostom said that his books about Islam, one of which asserts that an Islamic antisemitism unique to Islam is fundamental to the religion, and his appearances on Fox News made him a target.

According to Zweig’s report, Bostom stated that his account was only restored by Elon Musk. Bostom admitted that he would have understood Musk’s decision to spend time to restore accounts, but he said he was happy to retrieve his account and not lose the approximately 60,0000 followers he had.

Bostom stated that when dealing with respiratory diseases such as COVID-19 or the flu, “the idea is for the kids to be treated supportively to [their doctor’s] best ability and not to arouse panic.” It’s part of life. It would be wonderful if we could go back to that. This was pre-COVID mentality.

Twitter didn’t immediately respond to a Daily Caller News Foundation request.