U.S. Reverses Course, Now Says It Will Pay Climate Extortion Money to Poorer Nations


Since the 1990s, when the idea of “climate compensations” was first presented, it had been an accepted belief that the United States would not participate in an extortionary scheme.

Then Joe Biden got elected.

The COP27 climate conference in Egypt saw wealthy countries agree for the first time to a framework where poorer countries would be compensated for any “damages” caused by climate change. Droughts and storms, heat waves, extreme cold — all of these can be accounted for in the price poor countries have to pay, as rich countries are responsible.

Although droughts and storms have been occurring in these areas for many years, it doesn’t make any difference. The bill for damages will be effective once the deal has been signed.

However, there is one small catch.

The Daily Caller:

Wealthy nations will create a “loss and damage” fund that will provide money to countries that have suffered from climate-related “disasters” such as droughts or hurricanes, according to a draft proposal seen by Reuters. However, most of the details of the financial framework will be decided and agreed upon in 2023 at the next COP conference that will take place in Dubai.

“There is only an agreement to agree next year, which is not an agreement,” Energy and Environmental Legal Institute senior legal fellow Steve Milloy told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is a face-saving fake deal to keep stringing poor countries along in order to keep the Paris hoax alive.”

The point isn’t that the deal is “fake,” because eventually the loss and damage fund will become real and the United States and other nations are going to have to pay up. The point is that this change in policy by the United States will enable this scheme to get off the ground and become a reality.

Guess who will be the first to receive their aid when the climate fund is real. China, the second-richest nation on the globe, is still considered a “developing” country. This means it would be eligible to receive funds from the “loss or damage fund.”

Although the U.S. has been opposed to this idea for a long time, John Kerry, the U.S. climate ambassador, stated earlier this year that the U.S. was open and willing to consider it. The European Union (EU), delegates presented a proposal late this week that Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, described as the EU’s “final offer.” Timmermans stated that any agreement would be subject to an updated definition of a “developing country.” China, the largest single emitter in the world, is currently considered a developing nation under the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

This is a huge deal, or not? If the single largest emitter of greenhouse gases on the planet is in line, they would be eligible to claim damages for previous emissions by rich countries. I’m not sure if to laugh or push my fist against a wall.

As Mr. Milloy noted, there is no set in stone yet. However, the deal reflects the mindset of Biden as well as the climate hysterics now running America’s environmental policy. The global north has too much money and it’s been stolen from the global south illegally and then unfairly. Climate change is a mere excuse. This is social justice at its worst on a global level, and the American taxpayer will be the one to pay.