Uncertainty Surrounds Geraldo’s Future as ‘The Five’ Cancels Appearances


Recent media turmoil has been a major event, especially with the “parting ways” of Fox and its most famous star, Tucker Carlson. Carlson’s future is not yet clear, but he has a great offer and will likely have more after he is released from his Fox contract.

Geraldo Rivera is one person that I cannot imagine many Fox fans “parting” with.

Some of his comments are embarrassing. It was a ridiculous comment for a “news” person to make about AR-15s. He said that AR stood for “automatic weapon”.

Geraldo said that “My appearances on The Five today and tomorrow have been canceled.” “I’m certain there’s a reason. You need not worry, I will be back the week after. Keep safe and happy. Thank you ”

If you say “I’m certain there’s a reason”, it would suggest that, if the story is true then they haven’t given him any information. It does not sound good for Rivera. Geraldo is among the rotating “liberals”, including Jessica Tarlov, and former Democrat Congressman Harold Ford Jr. They rotate them, I believe because they know that you can’t take them all at once without tearing your hair out. Rivera says he’ll be back the “week after next” but he hasn’t appeared on the show since April 21, so a return is unlikely.

Juan Williams was replaced by three liberals. Juan Williams had split from Fox. Some speculated Rivera’s absence had something to do with Greg Gutfeld, who Williams often fought.

Gutfeld lost patience in the past with Rivera, and most recently when Rivera made a cheap jab at Tucker Carlson.

Gutfeld, who is a staunch defender of Tucker Carlson, was not about to let this shot pass.

This week Rivera sent out another embarrassing tweet, claiming that he could not imagine Biden’s involvement in a bribery plan, as the alleged GOP whistleblower claimed.

Geraldo has obviously not looked into Joe Biden’s background or what is on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Geraldo hasn’t done any research, and that is part of his problem. This is a very silly thing to say for someone who claims to be a journalist. Geraldo is not bothered by the fact that Biden will be the Democratic nominee. He finds excuses to make him look bad.

Is any of this relevant? Others say Geraldo is once again wrong. Some speculated that Gutfeld may have been involved.

A Fox News insider told The Daily Beast Gutfeld could have played a part in Rivera’s purported removal.

Some sources in the network claim that Rivera never appeared on the show’s schedule and that Ford and Tarlov were always meant to be the only ‘liberal seats’ this week.

We’ll see what happens. It’s safe to say, that, unlike Tucker Carlson, no one will miss Geraldo after he is booted.