Unmasked: Hamas Leader’s Startling Admission Exposes True Intentions


Hamas’s most prominent role is to promote evil. We’d like to bring attention to the Wall Street Journal article about Hamas’s top military leader Yahya Sinwar’s callous, horrific calculations behind the October 7 massacre. Sinwar is a vocal advocate of Israeli civilian deaths and would kill all Jews in the region if he had the chance. It is obvious. He calls the innocent Gazans that he places in danger “sacrifices”, to turn the world on Israel and secure his terrorist group’s existence. This is not the language of his opponents. These are his own words. Title of the article: “Gaza chief’s brutal calculation: civil bloodshed will aid Hamas.” Civilian deaths. Hamas gains. As bad as you would expect.

Yahya Sinwar has been resisting calls for months to negotiate with Israel a ceasefire and the release of hostages. Hamas’ Gaza-based military leader informed mediators about his decision. He thought that more fighting and Palestinian civilian deaths would be beneficial to him. Hamas officials were sent a message by Sinwar, telling Qatari officials and Egyptian officials “We have Israel exactly where we want it.” The Wall Street Journal examined Sinwar’s dozens of letters sent to Hamas officials in Gaza, ceasefire negotiators, and others. They show a disregard for life and the belief that Israel is more at risk than Hamas. Sinwar received messages from people with different perspectives. Sinwar told Hamas officials “These sacrifices were necessary.”

Israel takes great precautions to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza. Hamas’ leader, on the other hand, wants to see more civilian deaths. Proudly. Hamas lies to Israel about the number of civilian deaths and their demography in this war, which began late last year with a large Jewish massacre. There have been many civilian deaths, including children. Sinwar believes this was planned. Sinwar believes that the deaths of children in this war are “necessary sacrifices”. Anyone who supports this terrible plan, which blames Israel for Hamas’s deaths in war, is rewarding terrorists. Imagine supporting Hamas knowing this is how they will stay in power. Unconscionable. Sinwar “appears to” be “to win an everlasting cease-fire that will enable Hamas to declare a historic victory by outlasting Israel and claiming leadership for the Palestinian cause.” Sinwar is expected to reject another “deal” for a ceasefire with homicidal savagery.

I have lost patience with the media that reports Hamas deaths credulously. Also, “diplomats” and presidents in office who are trying desperately to remain in power for treating these openly bad-faith, genocidal zealots, as constructive negotiators. This madness must stop:

Joe Biden, worried about losing Michigan in the upcoming election to his rival, has punished and threatened Israel to stop them from winning a fair and just defensive war. Biden’s campaign is pushing an awful “deal” that would give Hamas the chance to win and force Israel to swap terrorist Palestinian detainees with civilian hostages. Unfair ‘ swap’–terrorists convicted for civilians. Consider incentives. Hamas’s unprovoked attacks kill more Jews per day than any others since the Holocaust. They boast about continuing similar attacks. They are against peace agreements. They will not release their prisoners. They strategically embed their actions in their communities, maximizing civilian casualties. Hamas and other terrorists are offered a way out by the world community. Hamas remains dissatisfied. Israel does not want to release any new terrorists because of the mistreatment they have suffered in the past. This example is relevant to the current debate.

Dr. Yuval Bitton claimed he knew the Hamas commander Yahya sinwar, prisoner number. Dr. Bitton knew Yahya Sinwar before. He spent 7333335 days in Israeli prisons between 1989 and 2011. He was tormented by the decision he had made 20 years earlier. Yuval Bitton, 37, was running the dental clinic at Beersheba Prison Complex (southern Israel) when he saved Yahya’s life. Hamas leader said he “owed” his life to Bitton. In an interview conducted after his arrest in 1988, Sinwar described dispassionately killing one man, strangling another with his bare fingertips, choking a third and punching him, then dumping them into a grave he had hastily dug.

The records of the interrogations show that Sinwar felt it was his duty to beat collaborators into confessing, and not out of sorrow. One source told him that he “knew he deserved to die.” M. Sinwar continued his work from prison. According to Israeli authorities, he allegedly beheaded detainees who were spying. He used lawyers and visitors to communicate with Hamas leaders. Messages were often sent out about kidnapping Israeli soldiers in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. M. Sinwar remarked subsequently that “capturing an Israeli Soldier was the best news in the universe for the Prisoner because he knew a glimmer of hope had been open for him.”

What’s this? Sinwar facilitated a deal that freed more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners of war in exchange for an Israeli. Sinwar was angry over the barbaric win but was eventually released. His goons abducted his favorite nephew, the Jewish doctor who saved his life. Israelis again engage indirectly with this monstrosity. Will Biden make them release the architect of October 7th in exchange for any concessions? The sentence above from the New York Times article speaks for itself. The story details the doctor’s pre-release consultations and Sinwar.

Was a two-state solution ruled out? Dr. Bitton will investigate.

Sinwar says never. Why not? Doctor Bitton is the one who will answer.

This is Muslim territory, not yours.

Negotiating with violent extremists is stupid. I agree with Bitton’s accuser: “A stranger approached brothers and sisters in an Eilat cafe on the Red Sea where survivors of Nir Oz had been initially relocated. She looked at Bitton as if she remembered the TV Interview. She asked. She asked. She asked. ‘Why?'”