What Should Conservatives Do About The Taylor Swift Problem?


Taylor Swift’s influx into the NFL, and her massive voter registration drive that resulted in 35,000 new Democratic voters has prompted conservatives to weigh in on their opinion of the super-successful singer.

Swift’s musical talent is not regarded as stellar by many. While her marketing skills are undeniable, her music isn’t. Swift’s music is beautiful in its own right. That isn’t something that can be denied.

Swift is a problem for all Americans, not only Republicans. Mark Hemingway’s brutal but fair piece in The Federalist explains why Swift is such a social issue. Swifties may be wearing friendship bracelets, but they are also embracing unabashedly their womanhood. This is the real issue that’s driving a wedge between men and women.

Swift’s dystopian view of relationships has a disturbingly strong influence on a whole new generation of pop singers. Take a look at the lyrics of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire”, a bitter and plodding song that has become a hit.

I still stand by the fact it’s a mistake to read too much in the way of politics or feminism into Swift’s appeal, but given her popularity in the face of this lyrical obsession, it’s a chicken-or-egg-first proposition about whether the cultural avatar of millennial females is famous for being near constantly romantically aggrieved even as TikTok is full of videos of women insisting, “No really, it’s great being 29 and unmarried and childless, I don’t want that at all, I get to sleep in on weekends and learn to make shakshuka, this is the most fulfilling life I can conceive of, I’M HAPPY WHY WON’T ANYONE BELIEVE ME?!”

Swift’s influence is evident in the way women are coerced to want men, but hate them. They also expect failure once they have a relationship, and believe that selfish psychopathy can be acceptable both during and after the relationship. This kind of thinking can be like crack to modern women who are under the influence of feminists. Feeling it is a great feeling. You feel high. You can be yourself without feeling guilty.

This kind of thing could form a worldwide, almost religious following.

Conservatives are right to be alarmed when they see this. Nobody seems to know how to solve his problem. The public is not interested in her music or her impact on Western culture.

What are we going to do? Swift is a separate economy, so we can’t punish Swift with the market. Most banking CEOs would love to have her financial influence on all she touches. There is no way to turn her off. There is no competition and those who could be considered a danger don’t want that.

This is where I am likely to drive some of my readers crazy, but it’s important to say.

Taylor Swift will continue to influence culture, and there is no way to stop it except for the passing of time. Swift may self-destruct and cause a major fallout with her fans. But you could just as easily hope to stumble across a hidden treasure chest while taking a stroll on Galveston Beach.

Swift is so well-known that she is able to withstand any storm. She thrives on them. In fact, Swift is one of the rare entities who gets stronger as she’s attacked. Swift’s fans rally even more around her when she is attacked, whether it be over breakups or political criticism.

Swift’s influence on culture and politics has left conservatives in the dust…at least temporarily.

Swift’s influence doesn’t mean she can win elections for Democrats with a wave of her hands. Swift didn’t win Phil Bredesen’s race against Marsha Blackburn in 2018. But Swift’s political and cultural influence has grown since then. It’s not safe to dismiss her.

Conservatives have no real way to stop Swift. It’s not enough to write “Who?” Swift’s cultural influence will not be weakened by writing “Who?” in response to social media posts or articles. Swift’s fans will not be influenced by articles that criticize her music. It won’t make her any stronger to mock her for her stupid political views, her failures as an attractive love interest, or accuse her of witchcraft. It’s not helpful to tell your fellow Americans to “ignore” her.

Time is the only solution. Swift’s influence and star will eventually fade, but it will take years. Swift’s longevity should not be underestimated, given her ability to adapt. Swift will still be remembered as one of history’s most influential and popular celebrities, even when she begins to decline.

If you don’t want to hear this, you won’t.

Swift is a big indicator of conservatives’ unwillingness to engage in popular culture. Swift’s inability to respond to her fans is a clear indication of the conservative movement’s unwillingness to engage with mainstream culture. The company ignored Andrew Breitbart’s warning and turned its back on Hollywood, comic books, video games, and other media.

Swift has few conservative influences. Perhaps if Conservatives paid more attention to the arts and put more emphasis on it, Swift’s kung-fu grip over the hearts and minds of millions would not be as strong. It’s a brutal fact that conservatives are decades behind their leftist counterparts in terms of culture. It is becoming more evident every year. It is evident at all award shows and in almost every film.

It is even worse that millions of people continue to hold leftist views and despise everything else without understanding why.