Why Is CNN Ignoring Biden’s Real Issues?


CNN has lost sight that Joe Biden is constantly falling out of love.

CNN headquarters has a staffer rocking back and forth, whispering to himself, “It is just a messaging problem.” CNN’s coverage of the president and his staff is beginning to reflect this delusion.

Edward-Isaac Dovere published an article on CNN.com earlier this week. It contained the funny headline: “Beneath Biden’s struggle to overcome is a deeper dysfunction inside White House aides” (probably). The piece also stated that Biden is struggling with the disconnect between a tough, serious President, and a jovial, back-slapping Ice-cream lover (also likely true); and that the president is a product a older media age that cares about news coverage than Instagram, Twitter and Instagram and Twitter and Instagram (certainly).

There is even more confusion surrounding the real issues facing the Biden administration.

Dovere points out that Biden’s aides also cite a variety of factors, including a political media corps still addicted Trump-style melodrama, a news environment dominated by Ukraine and pandemic and a Secret Service buffer, which limits Biden’s ability to accomplish certain tasks, and lingering anxiety over him getting Covid-19 or becoming really sick.

These are valid concerns for Biden’s handlers, although he shouldn’t run for president if the Secret Service limits his ability to do certain tasks), but Dovere and his interviewers and all those he spoke to for his article don’t focus on the obvious reasons Biden is “struggling for breakthrough.”

Let’s begin with where? Let’s begin with Biden’s mockery of his supposed unifying reputation. Biden has been savagely attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with his left-leaning narrative. He has told black voters they “aint Black” if they vote for him, and he has promised a winter of severe illness for those who refuse an experimental vaccine.

Biden is known for blaming others for the problems his administration has created. Biden blamed Vladimir Putin’s invasion in Ukraine and Americans’ unwillingness to buy expensive electric cars for the rise in gas prices, rather than acknowledging the damage that his administration has done.

Inflation is the result. Remember that it was temporary. This was not true. Biden blamed their problems on corporate greed and his government. Biden and his team didn’t seem to care about the American people’s situation, except for the 16 cents that they saved from last Independence Day’s cookout.

There are many others. There are many more. Biden and his staff have always been far-left on any issue.

The final result will be that the complaints about traditional media coverage and social media coverage won’t matter, despite the overwhelming support of Big Tech and legacy media to the administration.