With All Its Power And Technology, The Federal Government Is Unlikely To Figure Out Who Brought Cocaine To Biden’s White House


An official who is familiar with the investigation said that it would be “difficult to find” the person responsible for bringing the cocaine into the White House, despite its high level of security.

The anonymous official told Politico that it would be difficult to find the culprit because of the location.

According to the outlet, “Even though there were surveillance cameras in place, unless it was being waved around, it might not have been captured” on video. It’s kind of a thoroughfare. “People walk past there all the time.”

Various reports place the discovery of cocaine at different locations in and around the White House. According to the New York Post, the initial dispatch on Sunday night said the bag had been found in the library. The powder was found by officials in a holding area of the West Wing.

Secret Service uses sophisticated security measures to track who is allowed access to the White House.

Visitors to the White House must present their identification to gain access to the grounds. They also have to register at least 21 days before to submit to background checks. White House guidelines state that “bags of all kinds” including clutches, fannypacks, and backpacks are not allowed during visits.

A gate made of iron is also installed on the grounds, and there are armed guards at each entrance.

Karine Jean Pierre, White House Press Secretary, tried to distance the discovery of cocaine from the Bidens, pointing out that West Wing tours took place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and that they were at Camp David over the weekend. She repeated that the area in which the drug was discovered is “highly travelled.”

CNN reported that the Secret Service was conducting an investigation using fingerprinting and DNA tests to determine the source. This is according to a federal law enforcer.

Jean-Pierre expressed his confidence that the Secret Service would find the truth.