36-Year-Old Father of 3 Fatally Shot After Confronting Neighbors Firing Guns on New Year’s Eve


KDFW-TV’s family reported that a 36-year-old father of three was shot to death after confronting Dallas residents who were shooting guns on New Year’s Eve.

Donald Reeves stated to the station that Dylan Reeves was his last encounter with him on New Year’s Eve.

KDFW was informed by the elder Reeves that his son had told him he planned to stay at his Oak Cliff home on Mar Vista Trail with his longtime girlfriend, and their three children, a 12-year-old son, a 5-year-old daughter, and a 3-year-old boy.

Dylan Reeves, however, was worried about the people in the street shooting guns into the air to enjoy the celebration and worried that bullets could fall into his home.

He said, “I have to stop it somehow.” “My children are going to be hurt, you know?” KDFW was recalled by Donald Reeves. “I said, “Well, son. Bee sure to call the police first.”

Donald Reeves said that his son, Dylan Reeves, went to a party after midnight to tell them to stop shooting their guns.

Donald Reeves told KDFW that he said he was going against these people. “He was tired.”

According to the station, Reeves’ family reported that Dylan Reeves was the only one who confronted the group.

KDFW reported that Dallas police didn’t release many details but they did state that “there was an argument that escalated into a murder.”

The police identified Miguel Sereno, 18, as the suspect. Sereno fled the scene, according to the station. A murder warrant was issued for Sereno’s arrest.

“I think that if you were defending yourself, you wouldn’t run, you know?” Donald Reeves questioned KDFW and said that his son had been involved in an altercation where another person shot multiple shots.

Charity Reeves was the sister of the victim of the shooting. She said that her brother worked so hard and loved his children.

Donald Reeves, now feeling emotional, said to KDFW, “I saw him growing right in front me” and that “my son was an honorable man; he didn’t deserve that.”

The station was also told by the older Reeves, “He was a man that loved his family.”