Dem Governor Will Start Transporting Illegal Immigrants To New York City, Mayor Says


Democratic Colorado Gov. According to Politico, Jared Polis plans to transport illegal immigrants into New York City. Eric Adams, Democratic New York City Mayor, said Tuesday that Jared Polis was planning to do so.

According to Politico, Adams’ office stated that they were made aware of the plans Monday night. These purported plans are being made amid an illegal immigration wave at the southern border. Federal authorities have already encountered more than 2.3million migrants in fiscal year 2022.

Polis’ office stated to Politico that they have been transporting illegal immigrants from the state for several weeks to help illegal immigrants reach their final destination. The recent winter weather has caused a backlog of illegal immigrants who want to use the transports.

According to Politico, the backlog was resolved.

Adams stated that “we were notified yesterday by the governor of Colorado that they are now stating that migrants will be sent to places like New York or Chicago.” Adams made the comments during a radio interview. It is unfair that local governments have to accept this national obligation.

According to reports, Polis plans follow a Republican governor’s effort. Greg Abbott, Texas, has been busing illegal immigrants to New York City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Chicago for several months. Former Republican Governor Former Republican Governor Doug Ducey from Arizona bused thousands illegal immigrants to Washington for several months.

Oscar Leeser, Democratic El Paso Mayor, followed suit and bused illegal immigrants into the Big Apple.

According to Politico, New York City has had approximately 30,000 illegal immigrants since spring.

According to Politico, Adams stated that no city should be forced to make decisions about how they are going to provide for their citizens, especially those coming out of Covid. Adams also spoke out against the notion of a “city having to make a decision if they are going to handle an onslaught from migrants and asylum seekers.”

Polis’ office did not respond to a request to comment.