Abbott Taunts California Over Police Exodus to Texas: ‘Don’t Forget Why You Left’


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has responded to an article published in the Daily Mail on Sunday that described the high number of police officers who are leaving California to work in Texas. The state may not be greener, but it is certainly more welcoming to law enforcement. Peace officers are feeling unwelcome and undervalued in California as woke district attorneys like George Gascon of LA and Pamela Price of Alameda County, and criminal-loving laws like Proposition 47 make them feel like they’re not welcome.

The outlet reported that thousands of people are leaving Dodge.

The Golden State has lost thousands of officers every year. Since 2019, the number has dropped by over 5,000.

Now there are fears that the high-crime cities of California are experiencing a brain drain among law enforcement personnel, leaving public safety unprotected while criminals run wild.

Ray Bottenfield admitted that the state’s lack of support had made it increasingly difficult for him to recruit or retain officers.

Abbott warns them not to forget where they came from.

Abbott warns, “Never forget the leftist politics that you fled.” I guess that the majority of law enforcement officers won’t, but the message for civilians should still be the same. We’ve seen Californians, and others from blue states, leave the chaos that they helped create to vote for progressive policies and ruin their new state.

The article that attracted Abbott’s interest points out that the law enforcement community does not feel that they are supported by the Governor. Gavin Newsom or the state legislature. Many people feel that their jobs are “pointless”. has revealed that hundreds of California police officers are fleeing for Texas to escape a soft-on-crime policy they claim makes their jobs ‘pointless.’

The state legislature has been criticized by officers from the rank-and-file to department heads, who claim that a series of policies deemed ‘anti-law enforcement’ have rendered their jobs impossible.

They have taken jobs in Texas, Montana, Arizona, and other states where crime is considered high.

One only has to look at recent headlines to see the seeming lawlessness in California. There’s no room for the Samurai-sword-wielding, flash mob-style takeover of 7-Eleven and the homeless man harassing the local restaurant. But here’s a small taste:

Newsom and his cronies are quick to point out that violent crimes and murders have decreased in recent years in the most populous state of the country. However, they fail to mention that property crimes and other crimes that affect the quality of life have risen dramatically. For example, you can’t ride the LA Metro without putting your life in your hands. I haven’t mentioned the real Sin City of San Francisco.

Californian criminals and those from other blue states seem to think that they are free to do whatever they please.

Abbott is correct to tell those who are fleeing from the state to leave behind their voting records at the border because some of the people leaving were the ones who helped create this mess in the first instance.