Actress Leslie Jones Admits Having 3 Abortion, Claiming Planned Parenthood Saved Her Life


The act of killing an innocent child while it is still in its mother’s womb is something that radical left-wing celebrities love. Child sacrifice is a very popular issue among the left especially in Hollywood. What is a little blood shed on the altar to convenience, if you get lots of money and have a successful career? It’s only a bunch of cells.

Leslie Jones is the latest celebrity to openly and enthusiastically support child murder. In her new book, she admits to having three abortions. She claims that Planned Parenthood saved her life. She also revealed that she regularly sends a fat check to Planned Parenthood, a baby-murdering mill.

The first question that arises is, what does Jones mean when she claims Planned Parenthood has saved her life? She starred in the 2016 remake of “Ghostbusters”, which was a ludicrous reimagining with all-female actors.

According to an Insider report, Jones wrote that “Planned Parenthood has saved my life” in her memoir “Leslie F*cking Jones.” “I give them money even today.” “I finally learned to take care of myself and prevent pregnancy when I went to Planned Parenthood.”

Leslie Jones describes her childhood and adolescence in the book. She says that she had a strong sense from an early age that family life wasn’t for her, but she claims to have been clueless about contraceptives. She never thought to do some research, talk to adults, or refrain from having sex until after she had a better understanding of how things worked. Instead of learning to be an adult responsible, she chose to kill babies in order to continue having pleasure without any responsibility. How evil, selfish, and twisted can you get?

Leslie Jones explains in her book that “prevention is what we need to teach.” If I had even an inkling of how to protect myself, I would have known all of this stuff. In my mid-20s, I’d had three abortions and thought: “This is not a method of birth control.”

Does this woman have an intellectual disability? She must have heard about condoms. How stupid can a person be to not know anything about family planning?

Breitbart News has more to offer:

Jones said that her mother was sick as a child and could not teach her how to use birth control. Jones became pregnant at 18 and killed her child without the knowledge of her parents.

Jones wrote in her book, “With the abortion, I just had to do this grown-up thing and I didn’t have my mother to help me?” “I didn’t know anyone.”

Jones has not spoken publicly about her relationship with Planned Parenthood before. She reportedly spoke about her relationship with the abortion mill earlier this year while hosting The Daily Show.

Jones, when speaking of the Planned Parenthood professionals who helped Jones to survive a baby murder, said: “You wouldn’t know how much you saved my life.” “So much so that I trust them. “I believe this service is one of the most essential things.”

Hey, if you don’t know how to use a condom or some other non-abortive method of avoiding a pregnancy — like keeping your pants on, for example — fear not. Planned Parenthood will take care of the pesky parasite percolating in your body by snuffing it out of existence.

People like Leslie Jones are disgusting.