Airman To Be Kicked Out Of Military After 19 Years Over Biden Vaccine Mandate


Despite the fact that the military is in a crisis of recruiting, the Biden administration is ready to expel tens of thousands service members who object to the mandate for military vaccines.

Last August, Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary, ordered that all service members be fully vaccinated. If they are not, they will be dismissed from the military.

More than 5,000 service personnel have been expelled so far. However, there are likely to be tens of thousands more unvaccinated service members.

Air Force Master Sergeant. Nick Kupper is one among them. He served in the Air Force for 19 years and is on the verge of being fired this month because he did not follow the administration’s directives. He applied for a religious exemption, but was denied. The military has not granted religious exemptions to military personnel who have already left the military but they have granted them to those who wish to remain.

Kupper and his family could lose the medical retirement benefits that veterans who have served for at least 20 consecutive years are entitled to.

“I have been counting on this 20 year retirement for the last 19 years. That has been my plan. They won’t allow me to have a religious exemption waiver. They want to get me out. “Actually, as of tomorrow,” Kupper stated on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.

He said, “After 19 years they’re going to throw everything that I’ve ever worked for, but I am just one of hundreds, 000 people who are being kicked off because we won’t accept an illegal emergency vaccine.”

Kupper and other service members have argued that they are only legally required to take an FDA-approved vaccine, but not the emergency-use-authorized vaccine that was made available to service members for almost a year. They are interchangable, according to the DOD.

Kupper claimed Terry Adirim (the former defense official who wrote the memorandum that kicked out servicemen for not taking the EUA vaccination) has confirmed via Twitter that service members were free to choose to take EUA vaccines, and that they are only required to receive FDA-approved vaccines. Adirim is currently at the Department of Veterans Affairs and her Twitter account has been closed to the public since months.

Kupper pointed out that COVID cases have increased in military personnel across all services since the mandate for vaccine.

Each branch of the military, especially the Army and Air Force, is facing difficulties in recruiting. This has led to the discharge of thousands of troops.

Kupper pointed out that the Air Force has never missed its recruitment goal in more than 20 years. They have already predicted that they will do so this year. He said that the Army had reached 40% of its recruitment goal yesterday and has only three months to go in the fiscal year.

Kupper stated that some Republican lawmakers are fighting to help military personnel who have been or will become discharged, including Rep. Matt Gaetz and Thomas Massie (R–KY) and Chip Roy (R–TX).

He said, however, that they were only a handful. We need everyone, you know. This is not something that can wait for tomorrow or next day. This is a problem now. This is a problem right now. If I was China or Russia, I would be salivating right now.

Kupper attacked Austin directly. He noted that Austin had to get a waiver from Congress to serve because he hadn’t passed the cooling-off time for retired generals to serve as defense secretaries, but that he wasn’t willing to give waivers to service members to continue to serve.