Alec Baldwin Threatens Twitter User: ‘I’ll Find You’


In October, a gun being used as a prop by the actor Alec Baldwin went off on the set of “Rust,” a Western being filmed in New Mexico, killing the film’s cinematographer and wounding its director.

Investigators are seeking to determine how a live round got into the gun that Mr. Baldwin was practicing with, why the crew members who inspected it on set failed to notice, and why the gun fired.

Alec Baldwin and a Twitter user got into a heated argument over a comment Baldwin made about Donald Trump.

Although the tweets were deleted, Mike Williams kept his conversation with the actor alive with screenshots.

It all started when Alec Baldwin, a leftist, made a comment on Twitter about Donald Trump’s “Trump tried to choke a Secret Service agent.” Do you need more?

Williams replied, “it was better than shooting your cinematographer.”

Mike is right.

Alec Baldwin was not impressed and replied, “When I am finally not charged with any crime I will come to find you so that you can apologize.” “Mike, I will find you.”

It is not a good return to form when I am not eventually charged with any crime.

Williams didn’t even refer to the actor as a criminal. Williams simply described an actual event: Baldwin shot his cinematographer.

Alec Baldwin, an anti-gun advocate, and well-known shooter claimed that he received a gun that should have contained a blank round, but was instead loaded on the set. He then fired the gun and shot his cinematographer. This led to her death.

It’s not a good idea for someone to claim your innocence, then threaten to find another person in the same sentence…or at all. We recommend that Baldwin fulfills his promise to find Williams.