Allegations of Racism Lead to the Dismissal of Washington State’s ‘Equity’ Director


Some days the jokes write themselves. The term “Karen” has long been used to refer to a woman who is an entitled, thoughtless busybody who makes the lives of everyone around her miserable. The people who Live on the internet would like you to believe that in most cases the woman in question is a white conservative woman. Well today, sports fans, we bring you a story from Washington state about a progressive Karen who was fired from her job because of her attitude. And she couldn’t even ask to speak with the manager because she was the manager.

Karen Johnson, the Director of Washington State’s Office of Equity (I told you so) has been let go. Oh, please. Act surprised, but not so much. You really thought Washington did not have an Office of Equity, right? Her pink slip was presented to her on May 17, not April 17. The website The Center Square found out that a probe had been ongoing since last fall. This investigation revealed that Johnson was suspected to have inappropriate conduct. The conduct involved “inappropriate comments or insensitive remarks”, some of which were racial, and micromanaging. She was, in other words acting like Karen. We are not referring to a simple slip of the mouth or an innocent mistake. The report involved interviews with more than 24 witnesses and 2,649 documents. You can, for example:

  • Dr. Johnson accused certain OFM employees during a meeting of being paternalistic, and then became “infuriated”, telling her staff to leave the meeting after Chief Financial Officer David Schumacher said that she didn’t know what the word meant and when the dictionary definition was read.
  • The woman was told that she couldn’t have her hair braided as it was “culturally appropriate meant.”
  • Dr. Johnson told employees she had received messages from God. She also said that God had directed her to hire certain people and that they were disappointing God if they did not accept the position.
  • Dr. Johnson is Black and tells a Mexican employee, “This could take some time because I distrust Mexicans in general.” Mexicans can choose to be White whenever it suits them.

This is “Going the Full Karen”. As you can see from the statements above, this Karen wasn’t a whitey-come late suburban soccer mom in a Lexus with a BLM in the window and a Pride Flag on the porch. We’re at least destroying some racial stereotypes. Johnson, in addition to receiving messages directly from God and comparing her team with “The Avengers”, a movie series by the same name, also attempted to compare the two teams. She also claimed that some of her Avengers were not up to speed. She told The Center Square that during her interview, her staff “didn’t have the skills needed to operate emotionally maturely.” Her staff acted as if they were dependent on a superior to tell them what to say. It is easy to understand why the staff were not enthusiastic about their job. Johnson, in addition to her remarks, also demanded that the staff work long hours from early morning until late at night, and even on weekends. The Office of Equity experienced a 29% turnover rate. Those who fled screaming “attributed, at least partially, their decision to leave to a chaotic and disrespectful work culture created by Dr. Johnson.”

Orwell nailed it in Animal Farm. Contrary to what propaganda might tell you, Marxism, and particularly cultural Marxism always leads to the creation of a ruling elite more obsessed with money, titles, power, etc. While Dr. Johnson was forced to move out of her office, there are probably colleges in Washington or Oregon that have professorial jobs for her. With tenure guaranteed.