Alleged Spies Caught in Hawaii Using IDs of Two Dead Texas Children


The Americans was a television series about foreign spies who were sent to the US by the Soviet Union in the 1980s. His husband was a travel agent. I’ve never seen the show so I don’t know how a travel agent can do such damage to America.

There are many examples of Americans spying on the Soviets in the 1980s, causing immense damage to the US.

G-men rounded John Walker, the leader of a Navy spying ring, and Ronald W. Pelton who worked for NSA in 1985, often referred to as “the year the spy” Jon Pollard, a spy for Israel, was also captured.

Robert Hansen is the most infamous example of American spying on the Soviets. Ironically, Hansen began his career in the FBI in 1976. He started spying in the same year as Walker, Pelton, and Pollard was detained. His spying lasted until 2001 when he was finally arrested. He caused enormous damage, but it wasn’t because of an ideology. It was just for the money. $1.6 million in cash and diamonds, as well as bank deposits.

Stars and Stripes Magazine reported on the arrest of a couple in Kapolei, Hawaii for “conspiring against the government and identity theft” allegations.

They are Glenn Primrose and Gwynn Darle Morson. Both were born in 1955. They were originally from Port Lavaca in Texas. They were married in 1980. This is the cold war-like part. Seven years later, they returned to life and assumed the identities and lives of Julie Lyn Montague and Bobby Edward Fort. Fort died in 1967. Montague was three weeks old when he died in 1968. They remarried in 1988 as Fort and Montague, almost a year after they took their fake identities.

Primrose waited to enlist in the Coast Guard at 39 years old, perhaps to create a history. Fort would have been 27 if he had lived. I don’t know of any 39-year-old man who could pass as a 27-year-old during physicals or appearances. But he enlisted and was stationed at Barber’s Point for 22 years. This is not far from their Kapolei home. Primrose was employed by an unnamed defense contractor in 2016 and was still working as such up until his arrest last Friday.

Primrose’s entry into the Coast Guard shows a failure in basic vetting. It is absurd that Primrose was granted a secret clearance by the Coast Guard and another in 2016 with a defense contractor.

According to the government’s pleading, a “close associate” claimed Morrison lived in Romania during the Soviet bloc. Her attorney refutes this. As an exhibit, the pleading includes a photo showing Primrose and Morrison in a Soviet KGB uniform. The defense counsel said that it was a joke. The Assistant US Attorney handling this case said that a search of the couple’s house turned up documents with coded language and maps showing military installations.

According to a defense attorney, both defendants indicated that it was a big mistake and that they are not spies. It is a huge mistake. Da.

The government has requested no bail. They are currently in custody and a bail hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.