American-Funded Gaza Pier Project Flops Spectacularly, Raising Questions


The $320 million U.S. pier, which was built to alleviate Gaza’s supply crisis, has turned out to be an epic failure.

A tiny trickle has been delivered of aid to UN warehouses located in Gaza. Only 10 truckloads arrived at the World Food Program warehouse located in Deir el Balah, Gaza on Friday.

Only five truckloads arrived on Saturday at the warehouse. Reuters reported that Palestinians had “cleaned up” 11 more truckloads as they traveled from the pier toward the warehouse. No deliveries were made on Sunday or Monday.

A UN official told Reuters that “they haven’t seen trucks in a long time.” “They simply mounted the trucks and took some of the food packages.”

How did this happen? Amazingly, the UN did not secure the trucks until the aid was stolen.

The UN official said, “We must ensure that all the security and logistics arrangements are in place before our departure.”


Hamas, according to Israeli estimates has stolen up to 60% of the aid that enters the Gaza Strip. A Channel 12 report revealed last week that the terrorist group has made $500 million profit from humanitarian aid since October 7.

The pier had been pre-assembled in Ashdod, Israel before it was anchored on a beach of the coastal enclave. According to U.S. Central Command, no American troops went ashore for the installation of this pier. About 1,000 U.S. sailors and soldiers helped to build the floating dock.

Only the UN is so stupid.

The aid has not yet arrived at the pier. CENTCOM reported that hundreds of metric tonnes of aid had been delivered to the pier.

The challenge is getting the aid into the warehouse, where it will be distributed.

Israel also helps to facilitate entry into the aid via the pier.

Reuters reported that food and medicines for Palestinians living in Gaza were piling up because Rafah remains closed.

Israel has been in control of Rafah for a few weeks, but Cairo has so far refused to work with Israeli authorities on facilitating the entry of humanitarian aid. Israel wants to send aid to Gaza via the Rafah crossing, but it cannot do this without Egyptian cooperation.

Egypt does not want to comply with Israel’s inspection policy, which is designed to prevent Hamas from getting its hands on explosives and weapons. There’s a standstill with tens and thousands of tons held up by Egypt because it is unhappy about the restrictions.