Americans Feel Poorer While Biden Babbled About Bidenomics on Labor Day


After Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo stated on “Face the Nation,” that “inflation is still a problem” and “remains an issue,” Joe Biden praised himself and said Bidenomics had been a great success.

On Monday, Labor Day, the president met with sheet metal workers union members in Philadelphia to paint a positive picture of his policies.

“There is no quitting in America, as I have said a million times. None. My friends on the opposite side are always telling me what’s wrong with America. They tell us that America is failing. They’re wrong. America is the largest economy in the entire world. The lowest inflation rate of any major economy. 13.5 million new job opportunities.”

America doesn’t fail. America is winning and the rest knows it. Our friends and allies look to us for guidance.

He also took some weak potshots at former President Donald Trump, noting that although our infrastructure is deteriorating, “The great real estate builder—last guy here—he didn’t build a damn thing.” Of course, he neglected to mention that Trump built almost 500 miles of border wall and rebuilt our military.

He also tried to troll Trump, claiming that the former president was “one of only two leaders who left office with fewer jobs in America than he had when he got elected.” You know who the second one was, right? HERBERT HOOVER “Isn’t it a coincidence?”

What a cheap shot — Trump was also smacked with an unprecedented global pandemic which turned the country and world upside down. His economic record was solid before that little COVID-19 virus. Inflation wasn’t as bad under his current presidency.

Many Americans aren’t feeling Biden’s economic brilliance, mainly because of one very nasty problem: rampant price inflation. Even Raimondo admitted it:

We must be aware that inflation is still a reality. People see it every day when they pay for groceries, rent, or mortgages.

It’s still a big challenge for people. If you compare where we are now to the time when President Obama took office, there’s been an incredible amount of progress.

Raimondo, after admitting that inflation was a major issue for the average person, claimed that Biden’s policies were “an unbelievable tale of progress.” However, most people are seeing a spike in prices.

In July, the Senate Republican leadership published a report showing that inflation had risen by 16.6% in the year since Biden’s election. The report cited Bureau of Labor Statistics figures to show that grocery prices had increased by 20 percent, and energy prices by 38 percent. Prices rose 3.2% in July on average for the last 12 months. The Consumer Price Index for August is not expected until September 13.

This tweet was posted in August but is still relevant:

The unemployment rate rose unexpectedly in August, reaching levels that have not been seen since February 2022.

Americans feel inflation when they go to the supermarket or fill up their car. In an August CNN poll, 51 percent of respondents said that the economy was “still in a downward spiral and getting worse.” A new Wall Street Journal survey shows that only 39 percent of Americans have a positive view of President Obama.

Biden may pat himself on his back all he likes, but Americans still feel worse off than when he first took office. No amount of statistics or gaslighting will change that.