Americans Still Forced To Wear Masks On Planes One Year Into Biden’s Presidency


    America is now one year into President Joe Biden’s presidency. Yet, Americans continue to be forced to wear masks on planes. There is no end in sight.

    Thursday marks the beginning of Biden’s official year as president. He began his presidency with a pitch for 100 days of masking.

    “I’m going ask for a masking program for my first 100 days. Biden stated that he would ask everyone to wear a mask for the first 100 days of his administration.

    “We will require masks wherever it is possible, but this goes far beyond government action. As a new president, I will speak directly to the American people, and I’m going say what I’m saying right now,” he said. He asked Americans to wear masks for “just 100 days.”

    He stated that it was the easiest way to reduce COVID deaths, hospitalizations and COVID cases. It was not the case. The county still experienced spikes in the Chinese coronavirus even though masking is common in areas with heavy restrictions.

    He said, “Regardless of your politics or points of view, mask up for 100 day,” and added that 100 days would make a “real difference.”

    Biden’s first 100 days of his masking plan passed, but instead of slowing down, his administration extended the requirement that all air travelers must wear a mask throughout the year. Biden announced another extension to the federal mask mandate for planes in December 2021, one year after presenting his “only” 100-day masking plan.

    Biden stated that the mandate to wear masks on flights, trains, and public transport during winter months is being extended internationally and nationally. However, the mandate was originally set to expire on January 18th, but it now stands at March 18, 2022. Although it is not clear if Biden will extend the mandate, given his past actions, it seems likely.

    Nearly two years after the pandemic began, public health officials continue to encourage everyone to use masks, even those who are fully vaccinated.

    Current U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), states that “to protect yourself and others against COVID-19,” they recommend that you continue to wear the best protective mask that fits well and will be worn consistently.

    The Supreme Court rejected this week a request to stop the federal mask requirement for air travel. Breitbart News reported that the Supreme Court rejected a request to block the federal mask mandate for air travel. However, this decision should not be interpreted as a reflection of the legal merits coronavirus mandats. Any non-lawyer could file lawsuit papers against any person, as was the case in this instance.

    The case was also filed in one the most liberal courts of the country. This suggests that the Supreme Court’s refusal to weigh in on the matter should be seen more as a result of the inability of the parties to litigate it than as an indication of the root issue.

    Despite being one year old, Biden pushes for American people to mask their true feelings.

    “As I have said over the past two years, please wear a mask. It is part of your patriotic duty to wear a mask if you are in a — It is not easy. It’s not that comfortable.