Anti-Dobbs Reign of Terror Gains Momentum


They claim that there is no such thing as a bad press release. Maybe. Two days before the Supreme Court Dobbs decision, Chris Slattery, of Expectant Mother Care – EMC FrontLine, wrote a column. The organization runs many pro-life centers in New York City. The New York Times published an article on Slattery’s life-saving work, which was published the day following the Dobbs decision.

In the headline of the story, it was stated that New York City has more pro-life centers than abortion clinics. It’s all publicity for a noble cause. Slattery received a call soon from a Brooklyn man wishing to be shot in the face. Slattery received a call from a Brooklyn man wishing to be shot in the face. He claimed that a Manhattan pregnancy center was also attacked today. “All its windows were broken in. He said that “thankfully there hasn’t been any firebombing”, referring to the recent attack on Buffalo, New York by firebombers.

Slattery, his family, and his employees were protected by FBI agents and Joint Terrorism Task Force members on Monday, the Monday following the Dobbs ruling. The majority of these employees are women and live in constant fear. It would seem impossible to imagine that helping pregnant women could be a job that could lead to your death. The reign of terror and the rotten apple in the wake of Dobbs.

Slattery said that vandalism is a growing problem. He also heard of pro-abortion street activists picketing other locations than New York City.

He was able to not only protect his family and facilities but also share information with law enforcement about another potential threat to New York City’s Chinatown planned for Saturday, July 2.

Some pro-abortion activists recently showed up at the church’s end to disrupt the service. Police were not present but allowed the mob to stop people from praying.

Slattery knows now that some people are blocking the street and are planning to arrive sooner than usual this week. This would lead to New York City losing its jurisdiction.

It’s not the first time the Old St. Patrick Cathedral has been threatened in its long history.

The diplomatic age of today is better than that of Dagger John. Let us also pray that we don’t see another 574 left-wing riots like in the run-up to 2020.