AOC’s Gaslighting: Defends Ivy League Protests as ‘Mostly Peaceful,’ Critics Call Out Hypocrisy


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, (D-NY), and Joe Biden both attended “Earth Day” at Prince Willian Forest Park near Triangle, Virginia. My colleagues will address some of their comments, but one thing that stood out is how AOC defended the protests that took place at Ivy League Universities, including Columbia.

Ilhan Omar, Minnesota’s Rep., tried to “co-opt” the protests by blaming others. This gave the police and officials the power to stop them. This is, of course, nonsense, an attempt to justify the antisemitism and harassment of Jewish Students. She first excused the antisemitism and then said that they were trying to stop the “genocide of Gaza”, when in fact there was no genocide, but Hamas was attempting to “genocide the people” of Israel. She then claimed that public officials inflamed the situation by trying to deal with the protests. According to her, it’s not the radical activists who are causing trouble.

Omar’s squad member AOC then stepped up the efforts to buffalo people, reinstating the “mostly pacifist” defense used by Democrats and the media during the BLM 2020 actions.

Ocasio Cortez stated that it was important to remember the power of youth in shaping the country, especially today. We are witnessing peaceful student-led demonstrations at campuses such as Columbia, Yale, and Berkeley.

Peaceful? She’s kidding, right? The president of Columbia University has told everyone to go home for their protection. Jewish students have faced harassment and attacks, including one Yale student who was hit with a flagpole.

Jonathan Lederer is not the first student to have described the problem. He is at Columbia.

Lederer posted a video he took on his cell phone Saturday night. It shows a student who ran away with an Israeli flag and then set it blazing. After the incident, he said that other protesters had attacked him.

Lederer said, “They were pushing me and shoving.” “They threw stones at my face.” “My life was in danger at that time.” “There was no safety authority at the campus.”

Multiple arrests in connection with demonstrations have occurred since the protests at the university began on Wednesday.

This is no more “peaceful”, than what happened in 2020. She’s correct that “many other” actions are underway or are attempting to begin, and the left is trying to turn this into another “Occupy”, causing chaos just before an election.

It’s not good to support these protests.

Leftists, like AOC, will promote the narrative regardless of its little connection to reality, to pressure Democrats and Joe Biden to do more on this issue.