AP Style Guide Pivots, Says Pregnant Women & Pregnant People Both Acceptable Terms


The left-leaning Associated Press updated Wednesday its style guide, telling journalists that “pregnant women” and “pregnant men” are acceptable terms for reporting.

After Democrats and activists pushed the term “pregnant women”, only to despair at the supposed loss in “women’s rights” following Roe v. Wade’s overturning, the style guide changes are now in effect. Conservative critics quickly pointed out the inadvertent acknowledgement by Democrats that pregnancy is not only for women.

AP Stylebook’s updated definition is rife in doublethink — a common trend among corporate media as they scramble to simultaneously support Democrats’ abortion agenda while also promoting their gender identity agenda prior to the midterms.

It is acceptable to say that pregnant women are seeking abortions or that they are pregnant. The new definition says that it is acceptable to refer to pregnant women or people seeking abortions as “pregnant people” and includes people who have had those experiences, but not as women.

However, AP dropped “people with uteruses”, and “birthing persons” from its list, calling them “overly medical language.”

AP’s decision to change follows the left-leaning Poynter Institute. This non-profit journalism school oversees fact-checkers. Poynter published a guide entitled “How to Ensure Diverse Perspectives in Abortion Coverage.” It stated that pregnant women are more inclusive than those who are pregnant.

Far-left organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood advocate for the use of the term “pregnant women.”