Arrests Made During Sit-In at DeSantis’ Office


Ron DeSantis continues making all the right people angry. A recent sit-in in his governor’s office led to arrests and a legendary photo.

Thomas Kennedy, an activist known for stalking DeSantis, and being thrown out of numerous press conferences, posted a tweet announcing he was charged with trespassing along with others. The group was also banned for a whole year from entering the Florida State Capitol Building.

The local news site WTXL has more information.

Following a sit-in by Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office.

They wanted to meet the governor and discuss a recent legislative session they claim is an attack on minorities and LGBTQ+ communities.

Dream Defenders, an activist group, claims that their rights have been attacked during this legislative session.

Education, voting, housing, and other rights.

The Dream Defenders held a sit-in on Wednesday in response to the bills that have been introduced in this session that target diversity and inclusion.

Ashley Green, a dream defenders organizer, says that they would prefer to spend time with their families and friends, but feel that the protests are needed.

Green stated that people were trying to figure out how to pay their electric bills and how to feed themselves. They should focus on what keeps lights on, and what provides food and clothes to people.

Ashley Green, the organizer quoted above with “Dream Defenders”, needs to know this. DeSantis and the legislature are not out to divide people. They are trying to provide the best protection for children. It’s not the people who are trying to stop it, but those who want to sexualize children and harm them, that have a problem. It’s time to take a hard, long look at ourselves.

It is the same for all other issues. The liberals have made these issues divisive. Conservatives are taking action based on common sense. It’s also not the job of the legislature to “put food into people’s stomachs”, even though Florida is among the most successful states in the nation.

No matter what, laws are there for a purpose, and the left-wingers must quickly learn that Florida isn’t New York. DeSantis won’t tolerate their temper tantrums. You can only build deterrence by enforcing laws. To achieve this, these arrests and charges are required.

The sit-in also produced a picture that was too beautiful not to share.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the contrast between the leftists raving in the governor’s office, and the staffer eating a cake like nothing was happening. It’s obvious that nothing they do matters. Does anyone think DeSantis will be swayed? He is the type to just drop the hammer, and double down. He’s popular with all of his constituents, not just the right.