Autopsy Report of the Trans Covenant Shooter Made Public


The autopsy report for Audrey Hale has finally been released after months of anticipation. Audrey Hale was the trans-identifying mass killer who shot six people including three children in a Christian school near Nashville, Tenn.

No, I’m referring to the autopsy report and not the manifesto.

Exclusively, our sister site Townhall obtained the autopsy report. It’s not surprising that the report concluded that Hale was killed by gunfire. It does, however, answer one question that the public may have had after the shooting: Was the gunman under the influence?

According to the report, the answer is unambiguously no. According to the toxicology reports within the autopsy report of the Davidson County Medical Examiner’s Office, analyses of Hale’s blood, urine, and vitreous humor showed no signs of drug or alcohol abuse.

Hale, despite her transgender identity, never had any surgery to make him look more masculine. The report states that Hale’s body is “that of a well developed, well nourished, 5 foot 2 inch and 119-1/2 pounds phenotypic woman.” The report does indicate whether Hale’s system was tested for cross-sex hormonal levels.

Other sections of the report document Hale’s gunshot injuries in graphic detail. They include a sketch showing the location where Hale received his injuries during the police shooting. The case summary also notes that Hale is a ‘transgender person,’ who was “assigned female by birth.” Mia Cathell reports at Townhall.

Hale has been dead for more than two months since she shot up the Covenant School and was fatally shot by police.

Local media reported that a month after the shooting the Metro Nashville Police Department was to release the manifesto. The FBI was also involved in the review of the manifesto. The investigation has progressed to the point where writings by the Covenant shooter will be reviewed and released publicly, MNPD Public Information Office informed WZTV. This process will take some time.

What is the exact holdup? The shooting occurred on March 27, 2023. Local law enforcement confirmed the existence of a document shortly after the shooting. We have a manifesto. We have some writings we’re looking at that relate to today, the actual event, and we have a roadmap of how this all was going to unfold.

The FBI has been accused by local politicians of deliberately withholding the manifesto. This has led to widespread speculation. The reason that the manifesto is kept secret is that it could reveal Hale’s motive for the murder, which would not present the transgender community in a good light.