Biden Administration Falsely Claims Oil Production At Record High


Claim – The Department of Energy claims that the U.S. has reached an all-time high in oil production following a meeting between Secretary Jennifer Granholm, executives from U.S. refiners and her.

“At an moment when the U.S. is achieving record oil production. President Biden takes historic steps to increase that supply. He released one million barrels per day from his Strategic Petroleum Reserve and rallied the world to add another 240,000,000 barrels.” She said in a press release Thursday.

Verdict: False.

The U.S.’s oil production is not at an all time high. However, this claim was made by the EIA, a sub-division of Department of Energy.

The claim that the United States has the most oil production since Biden’s presidency is not true.

The Department of Energy also falsely claims that the “Presidient” has asked refiners for more savings to be passed on to customers. The historical price of oil has been extremely high. Refiners are unable to see any savings that they can pass on their customers.