Biden and the Democrats Desperately Try to Avoid Blame for Cratering Student Test Scores


The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), which tested nine-year-old students in the country, and compared their scores from before and after the pandemic, found some troubling results.

The math scores fell seven points in that time period, marking the first-ever decline. Reading scores dropped five points, the largest drop in 30 years. These tests were taken from January through March 2020 and 2022.

Peggy G. Carr is the commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics. She told the Washington Post that “it’s evident that covid-19 shocked American Education and stunted academic growth in this age group.”

Did it really happen? That’s what the White House & Democratic Party want you to believe. They’re not just trying to blame COVID on the loss of school achievement. Donald Trump is the favorite whipping boy of the Democrats to blame for the low test scores that were clearly the result of school closings.

The Democrats don’t believe in intelligence. They want everyone to forget that Democratic mayors, radical Democratic teachers’ unions, and Democratic teachers’ unions are behind the attempt to close schools.

The American Federation of Teachers was the largest teachers’ union and objected to CDC guidance on reopening schools in May 2021. Amazingly, the Biden administration conspired with the AFT in order to keep the schools shut down. It was clear that COVID was not a serious threat to children. Teachers wanted to show off their political power.

The White House is suing the former president for supporting policies that they enthusiastically supported. They mocked Republicans who said closing schools would make students return.

Trump’s decision to close schools was not surprising. In fact, Trump was encouraging schools to resume in-person instruction as soon as July 2020. Trump threatened to reduce funding for schools that were still closed.

The White House PR Machine, which had an advanced view of the horrible test scores, has devised a PR strategy, including trying to convince voters that black is white, up is down, and that Biden and the Democrats support opening schools.


Biden’s press secretary stated that schools were closed, the economy was down and businesses were closed when he took office but did not mention that it was because of his own party.

“It shows how badly managed the pandemic was, and how that affected the children’s progress and academic well-being,” she stated. She also said that every Republican in Congress voted against the American Rescue Plan and that the administration had to “do it on its own.”

Miguel Cardona, Education Secretary, contributed his part to the coordinated PR campaign. “Today’s data show the impact that the previous Administration’s mismanagement on the pandemic had on the academic progress and well-being of our children.” “That’s why President Biden, since Day One of his Administration, worked so hard to get schools reopened, and students back in classrooms,” he stated in a statement.

Most of us will also remember the days when Democrats used school closings to attack Trump.

The Democratic National Committee ran an advertisement in July 2020 criticizing Donald Trump’s decision to close schools “desperately” because he believes it will save him his reelection bid.

The advertisement accused Trump of “ignoring how the virus spreads, risking the lives of teachers and parents” and “ignoring the advice of experts.”

The ad asked, “Do you believe him to do the best for our children? This is not a test.” Trump is failing.

The White House is aware that all this history proving it was Democrats who wanted to close schools while Trump and his Republican friends wanted them to reopen the schools is out there. They believe that they can alter history by simply changing the narrative, in one of their most cynical political moves in recent times. They are claiming history is as they claim it to be and dare the Republicans, fact-checkers, national media, and the Republicans to correct them.

The people who left their children at home and created an academic nightmare, a Stolen year that cannot be recovered, get a pass.

Timothy Carney:

The school closures were a mistake. The people responsible knew it or should have known. After the closure of three months in 2020, all parents were aware of the damage that was done to students, academically, emotionally, and socially. The fall of 2020 was also a time when the relative safety of children in the face of the virus was well-known.

For the long-lasting harm they did to children, it is entirely on the people who closed the schools that the blame lies. They all should be fired.

That is a great idea. Those who lose their jobs should also include Democratic politicians who supported this crime against children.