Biden Criticizes Trump for Snubbing WWI Cemetery Visit During Final Day in France


President Joe Biden criticised the Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, on Sunday without naming him.

Biden spent the final day of his trip in France to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day. He visited the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery about 50 miles away from Paris.

This cemetery contains the graves of 2,289 American Soldiers, the majority of whom were killed in major battles during World War I. Biden alluded to a visit Trump made last year to the area, when he did not visit the cemetery due to bad weather.

Biden said that “more Marines were killed here than in any other battle of World War II.” Imagine that I wouldn’t have gone to Normandy if America had shown up. ”

Trump was supposed to visit the cemeteries in 2018, but the trip was cancelled because of bad weather. Presidents often travel by helicopter for short distances, but choose to use motorcades when it is raining heavily. Trump’s team said that the motorcade could not cover the distance in the time allocated.

Anonymous sources reported that Trump cancelled his visit to the cemetery because he believed the Marines killed in battle were “suckers” and the cemetery was “filled with losers”. ”

Biden used these words before, even if he didn’t use them Sunday.

Trump, his supporters and the Republican National Committee have all denied that Biden made those remarks. Shortly after Biden’s remarks were released, the Republican National Committee sent out an email blast.

Jake Schneider, RNC spokesperson said that it was not true back in 2020. It’s still not true. Biden is not above telling lies that are disgusting. ”

The RNC cited 15 former or current Trump associates that denied the report.

Biden also stated that isolationism is not the best course of action for the United States. He has said this many times, which could be seen as a reaction to Trump.

He said: “The idea that we can avoid major battles across Europe is simply not realistic.” “That’s why it’s so important to keep allies and to strengthen those alliances… To continue keeping NATO Strong. ” We must continue to do what we’ve been doing since the end of World War Two. ”