Biden Has Voters Worried Sick About Not Being Able to Heat Their Homes


Many crises and issues that have been affecting Americans under President Joe Biden’s watch will be front of mind when Election Day rolls around. There will be a significant impact on the outcome of our vote, including crime, inflation, and gas price.

However, these issues are not the only problem. There is an impending, potentially fatal crisis in the Northeast. This is especially true if winter 2022-2023 proves to be as brutal and devastating as some predict.

This crisis raises the crucial question of how millions will heat their homes this winter. This urgent issue is so alarming that local TV stations are asking residents to rank the issue heading into the November midterms.

These results were shocking and should be a wake-up call to the Democrats, who created this mess.

According to WCBV TV, 84% of respondents in a new UMass Amherst/WCVB survey said that they are concerned about the increase in heating bills this winter. Only 4% of respondents said they weren’t concerned about the issue.

“With National Grid’s increased winter electric rates in Massachusetts soon and Eversource CEO warning that New England may lack enough natural gas for the season,” the outlet said.

This crisis is not limited to Massachusetts. This crisis impacts the entire Northeast and possibly even further depending on how severe winter is.

Imagine living in a country that is so fearful of the possibility that your family could die from a severe winter, just like the people in the 1700s. This is completely unacceptable.

It’s not just home heating oils and diesel that are running out. They’re getting more expensive every day and in short, supply, as I reported previously. It’s often the fear of running low on natural gas or being unable to afford it — one of the most important resources for home heating.

You don’t need to believe me. Joseph R. Nolan Jr., CEO of Eversource Energy, recently wrote a letter to President Biden informing him that there is a danger to public safety and health. This is especially important given the forecasted above-average cold winter.

The letter was read in part as follows:

I am both a CEO of an energy company and a New Englander who has lived in this area for a lifetime. I am very concerned about the potential negative impact that a winter energy shortage could have on residents and businesses.

I respectfully request you, Mr. President to use the emergency powers federal government to take all necessary steps to ensure adequate fuel resources are available in the event that severe weather conditions occur in New England this winter.

Nolan Jr. seems so concerned about the issue that it suggests that the president use all government tools including the Federal Power Act and the Jones Act, Natural Gas Policy Act, Defense Production Act, and Natural Gas Policy Act.

If you’re not sure what to think, imagine the most powerful and richest country on earth using the Defense Production Act to heat homes in the Northeast. Although it seems unbelievable to me, Biden makes it seem so. It is impossible to imagine how America will survive two more years of this horrible, total disaster of an Administration.

This is not a matter of money. This is a supply problem, and it is getting worse. It’s mostly due to Biden’s inability to tap America’s enormous energy reserves.

What can I do to prove it?

We never worried about natural gas and diesel supply issues under former President Donald Trump. During that time, we also had some very severe winters. Trump didn’t see such issues as they were, America being energy-independent. Life was good.

A nation of civilized and powerful people should not have to worry about energy supply. We are here, thanks to the Democratic Party’s climate change whack jobs, who are trying to eliminate fossil fuels even if it means we die.

These reports always end with a plea for people to vote on Nov. 8. This time, it is no different. The midterms are coming, and we need to get as many Dems out as possible. We need to do this so we can return America to being safer, healthier, and warmer.