Biden Makes Strange Comments About Jill and LGBTQ People


Joe Biden appears to be getting worse faster now. He was unable to read a poem on Tuesday without having major coherency issues.

On Wednesday, Biden was again faced with real difficulties during remarks he made during a White House reception celebrating Women’s History Month.

He stated that this was an opportunity to honor his wife, who is the “first full-time woman.”

Biden stated, “This is the time to celebrate extraordinary women.” “Like Jill the First Lady, who was the first full-time Lady and the First Lady to work full-time as well as being the First lady,” Biden said. What is a “part-time lady”? Is it non-binary? What do you do when you aren’t a part-time woman?

You might also have reservations about the term “full-time.” According to last year’s report, she taught two courses at a community college on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s not a heavy workload or full-time.

Joe struggled to understand this one. He just stumbles over the words he is trying to communicate.

Biden spoke incoherently, “Literally, my sister would tell you, I wrote (unintelligible muffled) the Violence Act with my own hand.” If you are familiar with Biden’s past, it is likely that he is trying to say the “Violence Against Women Act”. You wouldn’t know what he was talking about if you didn’t.

Biden tried to pander to groups but it was too late. He talked about how it “improves the protection for the underserved community including Black and Latina and brown and Asian American as well as Native Americans, H–Pacific Islanders, LGBTQ survivors.

What is an “LGBTQ survivor? What is it like to be LGBTQ? What does that even mean? Joe Biden doesn’t seem to know what he is actually saying. He simply reads from the teleprompter what he thinks it is and then adds random things.

His saddest comment was, I believe, one he didn’t seem to get.

Biden stated that “Jill places messages on my mirror when I’m shaving.” “One was written about a year ago and was called “stop trying to make you love me.” Is he supposed to try to get her to love him? That’s a bit creepy and sad. It wasn’t funny, even if he thought it was. The messages on the mirror are something you need to remind people with memory problems.

He is going downhill quickly. This is why, if you take a look at his public calendar, you will see that most of the items are now ceremonial. These include recognizing Women’s History Month, a Persian holiday in which he takes yet another ethnicity, and meeting with the cast from “Ted Lasso.” It’s not a lot of work this week. This was all after his obligatory weekend in Delaware.

Biden challenged us to observe him and to make a judgment about his performance. It seems that the more we do, the worse it gets.