Biden Nearly Takes a Fall on Short Stairs, Gives Odd Response to Newsom as ‘Plan B’


People can’t imagine that Democrats will choose the debilitated Joe Biden to be their candidate in 2024.

Right now, this is the plan that appears to be in place, but there are a lot of rumors about a potential plan B, which could include California Gov. Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama. Newsom has certainly been positioning himself as a possible replacement for Biden, should he ever decide to step aside.

One of the reporters who asked Biden on Tuesday about Newsom as Plan B was brave. Biden is in trouble when they are willing to ask about this.

You’re going to California. Gavin, do you need to be there? The reporter asked.

Are you ready? Biden asked. “Well, I’m searching for…I’m watching you.” “We’re looking at You.”

This wasn’t a response to the question. Was he asking the reporter to be Plan B or threatening him? It was just a weird detour from his real issues.

Biden said that he had a large package of sanctions against Russia ready for Friday.

He told them that he was “happy” about telling them then. He has been saying it a lot recently, but not answering questions as promised.

Biden was asked about Rafah. Reports said that he was throwing Israel under a bus by calling for a temporary truce and warning Israel not to go into Rafah. Biden refused to answer this question.

He then strolled across the lawn to the helicopter.

He almost fell and tripped as he went up.

According to reports, there is a Secret Service agent at the bottom of each stairway to prevent this from happening. I’m not sure what the Secret Service person is supposed to do to keep him from tripping. He can’t be helped. They might be able to catch him if they fall.

We’ve reported that they removed the short steps, changed his shoes to make him less likely to trip, and have him do physical therapy.

According to reports, they’ve also had him wear different shoes to prevent him from slipping and do physical therapy using “proprioceptive maneuvers.” Some questioned the “maneuvers,” as it wasn’t entirely clear what they entailed.

I have never heard of the term “proprioceptive maneuvers”. This is not a term that’s commonly used in clinical practice, said Professor James Gordon of the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy of the University of Southern California.

He continues to trip.

Joe Biden is not a product you can sell if it is out of date.