Biden Sent Oil to China and Other Nations, Compromising Our Energy Security


There must be a complex, esoteric motive for five million barrels of U.S. oil being sent from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to countries in Europe and Asia including China.

All of this makes perfect sense for the Mandarins, who oversees our economy.

For the rest of us? It’s not so.

“Shark Week” begins later this month, but for Republicans, there’s plenty of blood in the water already.

Fox Business News:

“The American people deserve answers as to why our emergency fuel reserves are being sent abroad to foreign adversaries such as the Chinese Communist Party, compromising energy security,” House Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking member Cathy McMorris Rodgers stated to Fox News Digital in a statement.

“President Biden should remember that our strategic oil reserves are only for emergency situations, and not to cover up bad policies. She said that America must flip the switch to increase its capacity to produce and refine crude oil at home. “Now is not a time to make use of our strategic stockpile.”

We are not friends with the Chinese. Biden might write it down so that he doesn’t forget. The Chinese Communists do not belong to our friends or enemies. They are our mortal enemy, ideologically and strategically, and pretending otherwise is a criminal delusion.

Earth to Biden: It is not possible to sell a strategic resource vital to an enemy while helping another enemy inflict humiliating defeats on the United States.

“After numerous failed attempts to lower U.S. gasoline prices by robbing our emergency strategic petroleum reserve, would someone please inform decision-makers at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that we have larger and more strategic undeveloped resources that can be extracted and processed and used cleaner and safer here at home, benefiting American workers, and businesses?” Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) told Fox News Digital.

Westerman said that increasing domestic production would solve many current problems for the U.S., and stop Biden from “having to travel to Saudi Arabia to beg for their oil.”

Rep. Garret Greases, R-La., who is the ranking member of the House Select Committee on Climate, stated that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve’s emergency oil reserves are intended for international crises. They’re meant to be used in natural disasters and not for addressing bad energy policy.

Exactly. Biden used the SPR to lower the prices at the pumps for Americans. After closing down the pipelines and refusing legal sales of oil and natural gas leases on federal lands to Biden, he pledged to increase energy prices to combat climate change.

Admittedly, it wasn’t a lot of oil. But at what point should the Biden administration stand on principle and say “no” to the Chinese slave masters, “no” to the Chinese virus spreaders, “no” to the Chinese military that is routinely threatening Taiwan and other Asian allies of the United States?

Apparently, there are some things more important than principles.