Biden Shares Hilarious Holiday Meme as Hunter and Ashley Light Up the Fireworks


Joe Biden told Democratic governors that he should sleep more, avoid events after 8 p.m., and work fewer hours. This alone should have raised alarm bells and caused them to be very concerned. Biden’s refusal to discuss whether or not he would step down also upset them. It became clear, between that and the leaks that not all Democratic governors were happy or on board with the situation, whatever they may have said on record.

Biden’s short-circuiting is not stopped by spinning that everything is fine. He had trouble at the White House military event on Thursday evening even before 8 pm, when they were having a BBQ. He said he had fought with the servicemen, told a bizarre traffic story that was illogical, and continued to spread the “suckers/losers” myth.

Then, later in the evening, they held a second celebration, this time with fireworks, for military personnel and their families.

It was a contagious confusion when Kamala Harris called him “vice-president” by mistake, then realized her mistake — but oversold it with the word “extraordinary.” Biden replied by saying, “Ho, Ho, Ho” as if he were Santa Claus during Christmas, and wishing everyone a “Happy Independence Day!”

It was after eight p.m.

He made the meme.

Some joked that X was referring to Kamala by saying “ho, h, h.” She must be thinking, despite the mockery that she is now a more likely candidate to take over.

It was time to leave. Joe’s handler Jill messed up and walked away with Kamala, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, and left her husband behind. Joe tried to catch up but was slower than usual.

As they watched the fireworks on the balcony of the second floor, Biden held Kamala’s hand up as if they were prizefighters. He turned his back to look at the rear of him when the fireworks began.

Hunter, Ashley, and a few of their grandchildren then joined them on the balcony.

Ashley was having a great time, as many people observed.

Biden, meanwhile, was staring at the fireworks and seemed oblivious.

The train continues to run off the track at this point.

Hope the White House does not have the same problem they did last Fourth of July weekend, when they discovered cocaine in the building. Biden’s only concern at this point is to stay afloat as pressure continues to mount against him as more calls are made against his candidacy.