Biden’s Cringe-Worthy Appeal to Senior Voters Sparks Laughter


Has the mainstream media begun to realize that Joe Biden’s Happy Meal is missing more than just a few fries? The Washington Post published an article by Kathleen Parker this week that stated, “Biden’s steady decline over the past few decades — his stumbles and his search for words — have been impossible to ignore.”

This is a very strange thing to print.

She then acknowledged that Kamala is also a drag, and suggested that the key to Biden’s — let’s say “Joe Bidenness” — was to replace Kamala with Hillary Clinton on the ticket.

“I don’t know of anyone who has suggested her as a running mate to Biden, but why not replace Harris by Clinton?” she writes. She writes: “At 76 she may not want to be involved, but it is hard to retire if you still feel that your work isn’t finished.” Even those who did not vote for Clinton will have confidence in Biden’s ability to lead the country.

You can learn one thing from this after you stop laughing: Joe Biden is an old man who is not going to get any younger. The media is also not able to ignore the age issue, which makes it worse for the Biden campaign. There are constant calls for Biden’s resignation and the replacement of Kamala Harriman.

The Biden campaign is also aware of this. Jill Biden, who is on the campaign trail, has been trying to make the age issue a positive by appealing to an important voter bloc.

The first lady of the United States said, “This election is not just about stopping an extremeist. It is also not about age.” She made this statement at an event held in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “Joe is the same age as that guy. Do not be deceived. “But this election is not about the candidate, but about the character and leadership of our country.”

She added, “Joe Biden has a wise and healthy 81-year old who is ready to work with you every day in order to improve our future.” “Joe Biden isn’t the most effective president of our time because of his age. It’s actually because of it.”

Her remarks were made at the first stop of her three-day tour through Wisconsin, Minnesota California, Nevada, and Arizona. The campaign deployed the first lady in order to boost support from older voters. This group, which has traditionally voted Republican for presidential elections, has switched over to President Joe Biden this year.

Jill continued, “I am a woman who is stronger, wiser, more empathetic and more confident today than I was those many years ago.” “Each line on my cheek has been earned through the furrowed eyebrows of hard decisions taken.” The sun of many roads I have traveled, the sweetness of laughter with those I love. “Age is a blessing.”

What a bunch of horse apples!

CNN, on its part, tries to distort this issue by pretending that it’s really about age. They point out that Donald Trump has just three years less than Joe Biden. We all know this isn’t about age. Biden may be three years older than Trump, but he is the one that gets lost onstage, freezes in public, makes embarrassing gaffes at home and abroad, and spent 40 percent of his presidency on holiday.

Does anyone really believe that this will work?