Biden’s Desperation to Avoid Midterm Disaster Could Involve More Sales From the Strategic Petroleum Reserve


Midterm elections are clearly a referendum on the Biden administration’s policies, and practices and the White House is fully aware of it. Biden and his staff want to avoid any red wave.

Now we know that the White House intends to sell more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), which is an emergency stock that the federal government keeps in reserve in case of an emergency. You know this.

According to Reuters, “Biden’s administration plans to sell oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to lower fuel prices before next month’s congressional election. “Three people familiar with the matter said Monday that it was a plan to do this,” reports Reuters.

They don’t hide their greed anymore.

According to Reuters, inflation has risen to its highest point in many decades due to rising gasoline prices. This is a serious threat for Biden and his fellow Democrats, ahead of the Nov.8 midterm election. The report continues to explain how they want to keep control of Congress.

The 180 million barrels of oil the White House ordered to be released by the SPR earlier this year will be used for oil sales. Only three times has the U.S. tapped the SPR in its history. These were real emergencies, not symbolic actions to win the Democrats.

National Geographic’s Amy McKeever explains

To date, the United States has only ordered three emergency releases from its reserves. 60 million barrels of oil were released by the IEA in 2011 after oil supplies were cut off by civil war in Libya.

Fox News reports that the administration will announce this week new steps to replenish the SPR.

Sources say that the Biden administration is worried about the closing of the window to address fuel prices and fight the GOP’s inflation attack.

According to one source, “The administration saw a window of opportunity prior to midterms to lower fuel costs or show that they are trying. ”

The Obama administration wants more people to purchase electric cars to help save the environment.

Biden’s administration isn’t as concerned about the environment as it is about conserving Democratic power. This is exactly how these people have been on other issues. It will show “lower gas prices” but then push expensive green technology again after the election.

They lose if we win. Remember this when you vote on Election Day.