Biden’s Incoherent Post-Thanksgiving Speech Sparks Social Media Frenzy


Joe Biden is back from yet another vacation, though I suppose taking off for Thanksgiving is a little more understandable than his regular beach getaways. Arriving back at the White House on Monday, he was quickly shuffled out into the Treaty Room to deliver a speech on how he’s delivered “lower costs for families.”

This might surprise those who actually pay for their own groceries, rent, and gas. Biden’s claim was still a bit absurd, despite the fact that the real situation was not as he claimed.

This year’s Thanksgiving Dinner was rated as the “fourth-cheapest ever recorded” in terms of “as a percentage of earnings.” What a twisted statistic, which insults American families’ concerns about the cost of living. Nobody I know measures costs by “share of earnings.” The cost of something is what they use to judge the costs.

This Thanksgiving was the second-most expensive ever. Last year was the most expensive, and it also took place under Biden’s leadership. Recently, we crunched numbers to find that Thanksgiving dinners in 2023 will be 110 percent more expensive than they were under the Trump administration. Oh, and real wages have fallen. Where Biden got the “as a percentage of earnings” statistic, I don’t know, but I suspect that his handlers have been playing with statistics.

This next claim is no different.

The Biden administration continues to do this. You don’t get credit if you are president, and the prices go up on your watch. Biden has increased the cost of almost everything. This includes air travel, gasoline, and turkeys.

It’s like racking up your credit card, and then expecting a pat on your back because you used it a little less next year. Biden is president. He is accountable for everything that happens under his watch. He doesn’t get praised for setting the house ablaze and pouring water on the steps.

It wouldn’t have been a Biden address without some bizarre and divisive remarks that leave everyone wondering what he is talking about.

Where did “MAGA Republicans ” propose to cut “the Internet”? This is not possible, as the internet infrastructure in the United States is privately owned. Biden’s statement is absurd, but he may have been trying to make a comment about the FCC’s current push to nationalize the Internet. I have written recently that this is a devious scheme where the federal government would be able to dictate anything from ISP contracts to prices.

If that is what he’s saying, I hope “MAGA Republicans” oppose it. This is tyrannical, illogical nonsense which will stunt the development of our country and lead to higher prices. Do you not believe me? Look at the education and healthcare sectors.

Remember, Biden’s main concern is unity. Last week, his Thanksgiving message was about uniting the country. Of course, he is the exception. He can rant all he likes about “MAGA Republicans”.