Biden’s Jaw-Dropping Debate Remark at Las Vegas Aces Event Could Haunt Him


Joe Biden hosted the Las Vegas Aces at the White House Thursday to celebrate their win in the WNBA Finals.

Kamala Harris was also present at the event and did the majority of the speaking.

Biden walked in with his stilted, elderly stuttering step. He looked almost like he was stabilizing himself by leaning against Kamala for a brief moment. He was as usual late.

He then claimed that Julie Su, the Acting Secretary of State, had been a center — most likely a basketball center. Is this just another fabricated story to appease the public? You’re right.

Kamala appeared to be the handler of the event as Biden was confused and could not concentrate on the speaker. Kamala was forced to assist him when he looked at someone in the crowd.

At least he got it right this time. Note the marks – the tapes on the floor for him and Kamala.

Both of them got jerseys.

I don’t know why they gave her “49.”

The big news was probably the next moment when his handlers failed to do their job and let the media ask a question of Biden, which he answered. They asked about a possible debate with Trump. Biden replied, “Set it Up!”

The people will be furious about his comment. They won’t let him debate. He couldn’t handle even a simple CNN interview without making bizarre comments and lying. He looked like he was a billion-year-old man and barely breathed. Are they going to have that person participate in a discussion? I don’t believe so. What will White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre have to say? I’m not going to comment on that case.

The Trump team claimed to be ready.

But the Biden Team isn’t speaking.

What was the most irritating thing about this event? He talked about women’s sports, but then, he tried to make it up with his changes to Title IX. His team isn’t bothered about identifying what a female is. He has done nothing to help women. His people will make him go to a pandering affair to give the impression that he did.