Biden’s Open Border Ensures Democrats’ Amnesty Has Zero Chance In Congress


    A new report reveals that Democrat plans for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens are “zero” chances of moving forward in Congress, thanks to President Joe Biden’s handling of record-setting levels of illegal immigration.

    Breitbart News reported that Democrats have been trying to get Republican support for an amnesty program for millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States for weeks. The Koch brothers, billionaires, launched a GOP pressure campaign.

    Politico spoke with Democrats who said that their amnesty plans are dead upon arrival due to Biden’s record-setting levels of illegal immigration. Biden brought more than 2 million border crossers to America’s-Mexico border, and expects to bring more this year.

    The Democratic Party is currently consumed by border politics — not the type it intended to address when it took control of Congress and the White House. What about comprehensive immigration reform?
    “Zero,” stated Senator Bob Menendez (D.N.J.), who was the lead sponsor of President Joe Biden’s signature immigration bill. [Emphasis added]

    The current intraparty schism surrounding the Biden administration’s decision to end a Pandemic-era deportation program is dominating the legislative debate on Capitol Hill. It has also been reverberating through the toughest battleground races in the country. It is also a reminder that the Democratic dream for comprehensive immigration reform is dead. This is due to ultra-slim majorities, and a GOP which views broad reform as nonstarter while ignoring a rise of border crossings. [Emphasis added]

    Democrats attribute Biden’s recent announcement, that he would eliminate Title 42, the public-health authority used at border to return illegal aliens quickly to their home countries on May 23, to the lack of support in Congress for amnesty legislation.

    Biden officials acknowledge that illegal aliens and border crossers could be arriving at the border each month without Title 42.

    Breitbart News was informed by Andy Biggs, a Republican from Arizona, that he expected 30,000 border crossings and illegal aliens daily at the border without Title 42. Breitbart News reported exclusively that up to 6,000 foreign nationals waited to rush the border in Tijuana (Mexico) when Title 42 was ended.

    A federal judge stopped Biden from ending Title 42 last month until the matter is resolved by the courts. Even though the Biden administration put a halt to the authority’s termination, it has made the border into a checkpoint where border crossings can stop by federal officials before being bused into American communities.

    Breitbart News was recently informed by a source that “We are aiding and abetting illegal immigration to the United States.” “We use government cars to transport people into American cities. It works like an Uber service.

    Biden was inaugurated in January 2021. Since then, 840,000 border-crossers and illegal aliens have been allowed into American communities. This is a greater foreign population than North Dakota.