Biden’s Policies Lead To Sexual Assaults, Migrant Deaths


Nevada U.S. Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt travelled to the U.S./Mexico border this weekend to document the “humanitarian crisis” that Democrats and the Biden administration had overseen.

The former Nevada Attorney General Laxalt shared several videos of his trip on Twitter with Border Patrol, law enforcement officers and local ranchers who showed him the “horrific” conditions at the Rio Grande’s southern border. Laxalt stopped first at a ranch where he found “clothes and backpacks wrapped in black tape (to block reflections of plastic) left behind by illegal immigrants”. He also spoke of the brutal “106 degree heat.”

He wrote that he had “Last night, I had the chance to tour Brooks County in Texas with local ranchers & law enforcement,” the next day. “They showed me firsthand the devastating effects of Biden’s open borders policies and dearth of federal aid on communities across the border,” he wrote.

Laxalt claimed that he saw a morgue that held the “remains” of 32 illegal immigrants, but only four slots were left.

He said that “people are dying and local resources are stretched too far everyday under Biden’s open border policies”, adding that no federal aid had been given to the morgue.

He said, “This is the most horrible thing you could ever imagine happening at this border.”

Laxalt posted a Sunday video of the Rio Grande in McAllen Texas. He called it “one the worst entry points to the border.”

He said that the ranch receives about 100 illegal immigrants per daily. “The majority of illegal immigrants are allowed to enter the country once they have crossed the border, which is what encourages them to do so.”

Laxalt’s most shocking discovery was at the border, where smugglers allegedly raped women and “purposefully left their victim’s underwear behind in order to taunt Border Patrol.”

He said, “These are the inhumane circumstances women face at the border because of Biden & [Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto’s] weak-kneed Border Policies.”

After attending an event in Las Vegas that focused on law enforcement and order, Laxalt traveled to the border. Lombardo, who is running to be governor, and Laxalt both received Trump’s endorsement in primary. They hope to defeat the incumbent Democrat Governor. In November, Steve Sisolak (D-NV), and Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto.

Laxalt has criticised President Joe Biden and Cortez Masto for failing to visit the border, while “our country is facing the worst border crisis ever recorded.”

Laxalt made the security of the southern border one the most important themes in his U.S. Senate campaign, claiming that it is an issue that actually affects the lives of hardworking families throughout Nevada.