Biden’s Shocking Economic Blunder: Reveals Lack of Understanding on How to Lower Prices


Joe Biden is ignorant of economics.

Under Biden, prices for all goods have skyrocketed. Americans now pay hundreds of dollars more per month for groceries. Biden’s inflation rate has reached 9 percent. Joe Biden overspent, at least in part. When he arrived, it was 1.4.

For a long period, his team denied that inflation existed, saying it was temporary. You would think that the best way to reduce inflation is to cut or hold back on spending. This would go against the way Democrats work.

When asked how he would help lower prices, Biden’s response proved that he knows nothing.

Reshad Hudson asked Biden in Scranton, “For many Americans, those paychecks don’t go far.” How can you reduce the cost of eggs?

Biden’s response?

We work hard to bring down prices by ensuring corporate profits are under control.

Can we first talk about the communism of that policy? Joe, here in America the government does not dictate corporate profits or price controls. It is disturbing that he even says that.

You can’t reduce corporate profits and keep prices low. This would only make the situation worse and companies would flee to avoid whatever he wants. He says that people pay their fair shares, but he leaves out the fact that the wealthy do pay most of the taxes.

He wants to control the corporations but he won’t control government spending. It’s not about corporate profits but overspending. If Biden said that, then he would be forced to accept his responsibility and rein in his spending. He doesn’t like to admit that. Joe Biden is not responsible for the price hikes, as was done in previous years. He wants to continue spending and blame the wealthy, then tax people more.

He believes he will be able to get his “plan” if they win both the House and Senate. “And God willing, if the creek doesn’t rise, I can be president again.”

You have no chance of getting into the Senate. Come November, the creek will rise and wash you away.

When asked about the lawfare pursued against former President Donald Trump, he said that Trump’s “lack of ethics has nothing whatsoever to do with me.”

Because you guys care so much about “democracy.”