Biden’s Slip: Unintentional Admission of Border Control Power Sparks Controversy


For a long time now, polls have shown that the border crisis is a major liability for Joe Biden. Now, the White House, Democrats, and media are working together to spread the message that Republicans are the ones responsible for a lack of border security.

Biden may now be considering executive action to address the current situation at the Southern Border. He hopes to keep this issue away from Trump.

NBC News reported that the Biden Administration may take executive actions to stop illegal immigration at the southern borders. White House is considering action plans before numbers at the border increase after a recent decline.

The plans have been developed for months. In December, as Congress prepared to leave on holidays without a solution for the border issue, the number of illegal border crossings at the southwest border surpassed 10,000 daily records.

Officials warned that unilateral measures could upset progressives within Congress. Officials said that unilateral measures being considered could upset progressives in Congress.

Biden is now considering executive action for border security. That’s funny because Biden has said that Congress must take action to secure the border over the last three years. Just last month, he claimed to have done everything possible.

Biden said: “I’ve done everything I can. Give me the power.” “I requested it on the first day I was elected. Give me Border Patrol. ”

This is wrong. The Migration Policy Institute reports that he took nearly 300 executive actions on immigration during his first year in office, effectively undoing Trump’s efforts to secure the border. With the help of Democrats, deportations were reduced, catch-and-release was reinstated, and Border Patrol agents were restricted.

Biden does have the authority to secure the border. He just won’t.

“Here are just a few of the authorities at his disposal – if only he would use them,’ House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) pointed out. “Presidential Authority to Restrict Entry 212(f), Expedited Removal 235(b)(1), Discretionary Detention Authority 236(a), Mandatory Detention 236(c). No more excuses.”

Biden doesn’t want to prove that the Republicans have it right. Biden is just trying to find a way to be a hero. He still believes that the Republicans have the right and that he can secure the border.

Biden may be disappointed if he believes that this will give him an advantage in this issue. After doing nothing for the past three years, it’s unlikely Biden will convince anyone if he acts now since it’s only months away from the election.