Recordings Reveal Cohen and Trump Discussing Fund “Transfer”: What Was Being Planned?


Doug Daus, a technology forensics expert, took the stand during the second half of the 10th day in the criminal trial N.Y.v. Trump.

Daus, a Manhattan District Attorney, was in charge of extracting information from Michael Cohen’s phone, including audio recordings.

Cohen told Trump during one of the recordings from Cohen’s cell phone: “I have spoken to Allen Weisselberg…I am all over it, I’ve talked to Allen when it comes financing …”

Trump responded, “What financing?”

The prosecution team seemed to be trying to prove that Trump knew about the “catch and kill” plan that David Pecker, former National Inquirer Publisher, was putting together to discredit claims that Karen McDougal had an extramarital relationship with Trump.

Emil Bove (the defense lawyer for Trump) cross-examined Daus. He asked if evidence was more reliable if it had a more secure chain of custody. Daus agreed.

Later, Cohen testified that other members of Cohen’s team had access to the phone.