Biden’s Tampa Blunder: Mixes Up Woman and Man, Revealing Truth in Hilarious Gaffe


Joe Biden campaigned in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday.

He spoke on the Hillsborough Community College Dale Mabry Campus to discuss abortion and to try to make it a major issue in this election.

Biden, in typical Biden style, spread a lot of nonsense, including the claim that “if I had my way, within four years, community college would be free.”

He then claimed that this would “grow our economy.” He added, “It would not cost taxpayers.”

It would be expensive if the government had to pay for it. Just like the “forgiveness” of student loans, which is just a way to buy votes by transferring wealth.

Biden’s trademark confusion was also on display when he appeared to confuse a female with a male.

In his confusion, he accidentally said something funny when he attempted to attack former president Donald Trump.

“In a way, I don’t understand why we are surprised by Trump. How many times will he need to show us that we cannot be trusted?” He said.

What a funny thing to say! We all know that his team, the Democrats and he are not trustworthy. Biden is not being honest. They have harmed this country so much. Biden is scolded for fabricating a story about his uncle dying in World War II. Biden is proving every day that Trump cannot be trusted. With him in office, we are in clown land.

Biden then tried to leave the stage. I’m not sure if this was his two-step jog or a trip.

When you can’t tell the difference, it fails to impress me that this was supposed to be vigorous.

Rick Scott, R-FL, sent a truck bearing the image of Laken Riley to Biden, reminding him how he has failed us. Riley was the student nurse who allegedly was killed by an illegal immigrant who was allowed into the country during Joe Biden’s tenure.

Joe Biden is not trustworthy for many reasons.