Biden’s Ukraine Email Aliases: What Are They Hiding?


Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., of the House Oversight Committee requested that the National Archives hand over all emails involving the Biden racketeering family and their “dealings,” with Burisma and Ukraine. No one is aware that emails have been strewn with unknown names, such as “Robert L. Peters,” “Robin Ware,” or “JRB Ware.”

JRB is the initials for Joseph Robinette Biden. #NotVeryClever

Miranda Devine, a reporter for the New York Post who broke the news about Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2021, confirmed that Joe Biden had three sock-puppets.

Why would the Vice President of the United States require three AKAs now? Maybe for the same reasons that Hillary Clinton had her server. He was involved in some sort of skulduggery.

John Flynn, who worked for then-VP Joe Biden, sent a daily schedule email to “[email protected]” on May 26, 2016, reminding Gropey Joe that he had an 8:45 a.m. prep for a 9 a.m. phone call with Ukraine’s then-President Petro Poroshenko. Hunter Biden received the email. Flynn copied Hunter Biden on ten of the emails he sent to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden boasted that he had forced Poroshenko, to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Burisma’s possible corruption. He threatened to stop giving $1 billion to Ukraine in aid if Viktor Shokin was not fired within six hours.

This email was sent at a time when Burisma paid Hunter Biden and Devon Archer each $83,333 per month.

Strangely, 833333 multiplied by three equals 250,000. Someone else was getting a third of $250,000 per month?

The website “”, like Hillary’s server secret, no longer exists. Domain Name System Security (DNS), in 2020, declared it “problematic”.

Comer is looking for all the emails that involve Joe, Hunter, Devon Archer, and Eric Schwerin as well as any emails with Joe Biden’s different norms.

The evidence against the Bidens is Himalayan and increasingly undeniable. Records show that the Biden syndicate has been nervous since at least May 20, 2017, when Hunter’s business partner, James Gilliar, sent a Whatsapp text to another partner, Tony Bobulinski, stating, “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face. I know u know that but they are paranoid.”

Le Crisis was also working on a documentary titled “UkraineGate”, which would have dealt with the supposed Burisma/Biden swindle. Facebook refused to allow the documentary to appear on its website.

Comer has asked for all emails sent and received by all parties mentioned above to be unredacted before August 31, 2023.