Bill Maher Compares The ‘Woke’ Mob To Enforcers Of Mao’s Cultural Revolution


Bill Maher, HBO host, compared “woken” mobs on twitter to the Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution in China Friday.

“I asked ChatGPT if there were any similarities between today’s woke revolution, and Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution in the 1960s,” Maher replied. “And it replied, ‘How much time do you have?

Maher said, “We do have our Red Guard here, they do their rampaging online,” while discussing Winston Marshall’s departure from Mumford and Sons. Maher also praised Andy Ngo’s book and the investigation and punishment that Jason Kilborn received for referring to two racial slurs during a question on an exam.

Maher also described forced reeducation in Mao’s China as “freshman orientation” at American universities.

The Cultural Revolution was launched in May 1966. It prompted schools to close while it tried to end “evil habits” or “destroy monstrosities.” More than two million people were killed during the events.

Maher stated, “The problem with communism or some of the more recent ideologies in this country is that they believe you can change reality by shouting at it.” “That you can bend the human nature of people by holding your breath.”

Maher also called out all those who oppose efforts to limit biological males from participating in women’s sport

Maher concluded, “I’ve spent thirty years on TV mocking Republicans that climate change is a theory.” “And now, I can say, You know what else? Biology.’”