Bill Maher Tells Bill Burr ‘Woke Culture’ Is Why GOP Will Do ‘So Well’ In Midterms


Bill Maher, comedian, predicted that Republicans would do well in the midterms. This is because the far left has become too “woke.”

On Thursday’s podcast, Maher was joined by comedian Bill Burr. He predicted that roughly 300 Republicans who don’t believe democracy will win Tuesday’s midterm elections. Maher warned that the country would see fundamental changes after the midterms.

Maher stated that “they’re definitely going win”, explaining that the far left was out of touch with Americans.

“I’m on Fox News because I will — Look. I will take on… It’s just that I am very critical of what happens on the fringe of left. The Republicans will do well in this election because the left has gone crazy with lots and lots of crap that the average American has never voted for, hasn’t seen in this country, or doesn’t want.

RealClearPolitics predicts that Republicans will win 54 Senate seats while Democrats will have 46. FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver stated that Republicans have a 48% chance of winning the Senate. Democrats will hold 46.