BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Acknowledges Importance of ESG, Blames Ron DeSantis for Challenges


Blackrock CEO Larry Fink is one of the most ominous figures in the past decade. Venture capitalist Larry Fink has been seen everywhere. He bought up properties from struggling homeowners and he has cultivated relationships with politicians in the Beltway. He also promoted various wars. Fink was able to win Donald Trump’s approval, as the former president chose him as his “key” adviser during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fink may have seemed unstoppable at times, but Blackrock’s CEO finally has someone to complain about Ron DeSantis.

Fink, according to a recent report, is upset about the damage done to the ESG brand (and the fact that DeSantis has pulled Florida from the company’s investment), and now he wants to change the conversation.

What is ESG? This is a collusion scheme that top investors use to force social engineering onto companies by threatening withholding capital. Investors will pass over a company that does not have an “excellent” ESG rating, even if it represents the best investment opportunity. It’s basically a way for unelected elites, who are not elected to the government, to have a direct influence on the global population.

How can a company achieve a “good score” in ESG? It is simple: it must support far-left ideologies. ESG has been the most effective tool for the left to push its agenda without ever having to face any voters. Why bother with elections when you could manipulate the relationship between the people and the corporations that they depend on in order to live their everyday lives?

ESG is effective, no doubt. You may have wondered why companies such as Target and Bud Light are so willing to engage in controversial social issues like transgenderism. It’s because of their fear of a low ESG score. These corporations are more concerned with securing long-term capital than they are about a bad ESG score. They would rather absorb massive short-term costs than risk a poor ESG score.

Does Fink’s retreat mean that ESG is no longer relevant? No, of course not. It would be nice if it was that easy, but the fact that they are changing their strategy is objectively an indication that pressure is being applied. First, we must make ESG a toxic activity in the public’s eyes.

DeSantis, Texas, and others have made ESG a big issue for many. Keep marching on because the left won’t stop.