Blake Masters Says Unvaxxed Forced Out of Military Should Be Reinstated and Receive Back Pay


Blake Masters, Arizona U.S. Senate Candidat, reiterated his belief in the right to reinstate service members who were expelled from the military because they were unvaccinated and receive back pay.

The COVID-19 vaccines are still FDA-approved but not FDA-authorized. However, this didn’t stop several branches of the U.S military from removing unvaccinated personnel. Because military readiness requires that you take a vaccine that is not approved and has many side effects.

Masters retweeted his quote. He said, “Our military does not represent a social experiment.” “In fact, anyone who was made to leave the military because they refused to take the Covid vaccine should be given their job back with back wages and interest.”

Masters is not the only one who believes that unvaccinated Americans should be compensated for their job losses. Workers fired by the state because they refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccines will be reinstated at work and get backpay, according to the New York Supreme Court. The court ruled that “being vaccinated doesn’t prevent someone from contracting or transmitting COVID-19.”

MAGA candidate Mark Kelly has been gaining ground on Masters. Masters was tied with Kelly in the October poll by Data for Progress, a leftist think tank.