BLM Co-Founder Admits She Used Groups $6 Million Property To Host Personal Parties


Patrisse, Black Lives Matter (BLM), co-founder, admitted this week that her use of the $6 million property was for personal purposes. This raises suspicions about BLM leaders using funds for their own personal gain.

Cullors admitted the truth in an interview with AP. She also denied any wrongdoing regarding the large amount of money the group received following the George Floyd protests in 2020. Although she acknowledged that the group was not prepared to deal with the flood of funds, the group’s leaders eventually purchased a $6 million compound at Los Angles. This has continued to draw criticism.

The recent revelations that the foundation paid $6 million to purchase a Los Angeles property in 2020 triggered a storm of social media criticism. Studio City’s property includes six bedrooms, bathrooms, a swimming pool and office space. It is intended to serve as both a meeting place and a campus for Black artists.

BLM supporters such as Justin Hansford, director at Howard University’s Thurgood Marshall Civil Right Center, were criticised. He stated that the property purchase could be used by opposition movements, leading potential donors to avoid Black-led social justice organisations.

Cullors, who defended the purchase, said that they wanted to ensure that the global network foundation had more than financial resources. “And we knew that not many black-led organisations have property. They don’t have their property.”

Cullors denied any financial mismanagement, but he admitted that he used the 6-bedroom home twice as a personal residence, admitting that it was “probably not the best idea.”

According to the AP, one of these events occurred in January 2021. She apparently fled to the property to escape threats to her life. However, she decided to host an inauguration party to celebrate the election of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and about 15 others, according to the AP.

Cullors hosted her son’s birthday party at the BLM property two months later. However, she stated to the outlet that she intended to pay a rent fee to the foundation.

She said, “I look back on that and think that that probably wasn’t the best idea.”

She maintained, however, that she didn’t misuse BLM funds in general.