Border Agents Express Worry Ahead Of Title 42’s End


Four Border Patrol agents who spoke to the Daily Caller News Foundation said they were concerned about the loss of Title 42, and the difficulties that a surge in illegal migrants would pose for their job of securing southern borders.

An influx is expected to begin as early as Thursday evening. Border Patrol agents have been instructed to release migrants in masse, without court dates. This is due to the overcrowding along multiple sectors of the southern border.

“I’m not looking forward to going to work today, because I know I will have months of babysitting freeloaders and criminals. One agent sent a message to the DCNF saying that he was tired of seeing the same people disrespecting him every day.

The mainstream media will not cover the story enough, so it is likely that most of the country won’t know what’s going on. “No one will care until the problem reaches their doorstep,” said the agent.

They spoke under the condition of anonymity, as they are not authorized to speak in public.

A second agent informed the DCNF that despite the record-breaking surge of 2.3 millions migrant encounters during fiscal year 2020 and more than one million so far in fiscal 2023, the situation will worsen, according to a second agent.

“We thought that it was a dream before? Now the nightmare begins. We’re already exhausted, burned out. Look at what the agency is doing to us. “We’ve been stripped of all our powers and duties as law enforcement”, said the second agent.

Imagine being a police officer and having to tell someone to stop what they are doing, but they refuse to listen…and you can’t force them to stop. That’s how it is to be BP. Biden, Mayorkas and Ortiz are a bunch of scumbags who have no idea how to stop illegal entry to the US. “Spineless ‘chief’,” the second agent said.

Third agent tells DCNF that morale will continue to deteriorate.

I just have the feeling that we’re going to be totally overwhelmed. I feel that top leadership has let us down. “I think that the overwhelming number of agents will bring violence to both our communities and ourselves,” said the third agent.

“The agents know that the top leadership won’t be there for us when we have to deal with a crisis (just look at Del Rio Horse Patrol Unit). Even though the top leadership says there’s no problem, I still feel like there’s no plan or structure to combat this crisis. The morale of agents will be lower than ever, without doubt,” said the third agent.

Four agents expressed their frustration with the political control of Washington and blamed Democrats for illegal immigration records.

The cartels and the Democratic party (sic) have calculated the end of Title 42. The fourth agent stated that the political recruitment of surges in Central and South America has caused the crisis we are seeing along the southern border.

The end of Title 42 won’t be any different from the millions of illegal immigrants who have exploited this administration’s policy on border security. The fourth agent stated that as long as there are no consequences, the flow of illegal immigrants will continue.

The Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to an inquiry for comment.