Brian Wilson and Family’s Heartfelt Tribute to Melinda Wilson: A Songwriting Legend Remembered


I have some sad news from the world of music. Melinda Wilson died on Tuesday, aged 77, after a long battle with cancer.

Melinda Wilson died Tuesday in Beverly Hills at the age of 77.

The relationship between the couple was portrayed by the 2014 biopic, “Love & Mercy”. The film shows Elizabeth Banks as Ms. Wilson meeting Mr. Wilson in a Cadillac dealership in Los Angeles where she worked as a saleswoman.

In the film, Ms. Wilson helps Mr. Wilson, who was her boyfriend in the 1980s, deal with a mental illness. Eugene Landy, a psychologist, who helped Wilson overcome depression and drug abuse, complicates their efforts and their courtship.

Brian, Melinda’s husband, wrote on Twitter-X that he was “lost” and that he, his wife, and their children had been “saved.” He added that Melinda, for many years, “gave him the emotional security he needed” to continue working on the music he loved.

He continued:

She inspired me to create the music I love. She was my anchor. She was everything to us. Please pray for her.

Love and Mercy Brian

There was still more as his children shared their heartbreaking tribute.

The poignant tribute included more poetic, almost touching words.

At the time this article was written, no cause of death had been reported.

Brian Wilson, who is a member of the Beach Boys, performed some of his most popular songs on the piano at his house during the COVID-19 lockdown.

This video was shared with my readers once before (in an article about new music that he released), and it’s appropriate to share it here again. I’m guessing that music was a common bond between the couple. How beautiful it is for a Hollywood clan to remain together. Music is healing and miraculous, I think

Melinda is RIP. We send our condolences to her family and wish them comfort, love, and mercy.